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    Normally I'd reject the idea of a Time Travel expansion out of hand, if it wasn't for the Timeless Isle and the Bronze Dragon traitor questline. It seems like an odd thing to include as part of the final raid patch if they don't plan to have the next expac involve time travel in some way.

    I don't think all of the "leaked" details are true, though. I recall past expansion leaks coming with a lot of incorrect details along with true stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hrugner View Post
    I think it's more likely that the old portals of Draenor reopen, and orcs who don't know anything of what's happened since they jump through return and attack Azeroth.

    It would give some conflict in Azeroth, Draenor, and portals to other worlds that could really be anything and anywhere. For all we know there are orc and human enclaves that have been banded together fighting the legion for the past decade getting along much better than those left in the relative peace of Azeroth.

    Anyway, exploring dimensional isolation gives you a lot of interesting directions to go; anywhere from Lord of the Flies, to Swiss Family Robinson.
    Yeah that's pretty much my thought. Draenor was busted up into pieces, and only one piece became the Outland we know of.

    There's another piece a ways to the east let's say, and the Legion has maintained their presence there all this time. Wrathion's invasion isn't infernals raining from the sky, it's dozens of smaller Dark Portals opening up from the various other pieces of Draenor and another invasion of Fel Orcs happens.

    We beat them back and march through the portals to find these other pieces of Draenor, and it's our job to cleanse them of the Demons/Fel Orcs that rule them.
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    I was more thinking that the portals are out there floating on rocks and lead to other worlds.

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    Old Draenor would be amazing.

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    I'm honestly liking the idea of Outland simply being a launch platform, if you will, to the actual meat and potatoes of the expansion via the inactive portals.

    If the expansion is Legion-centric then it gives the option to see the organization on their home turf: Xorroth, Argus, etc. Argus especially would give a huge opportunity to develop lore on the Draenei, who for the past 3 expansions have sort of just... been there. Wouldn't necessarily have to mean a terminal confrontation with the Legion, just more exploration.

    If not Legion-centric (or just not entirely), it could be quite fun to have a whole menagerie of worlds to visit. One worry I'd have is things might trail off into something too chaotic, lacking cohesion and consistency. They'd have to solidly hammer in a unifying theme depending on how many unique locales we explore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Killmaim Deathbringer View Post
    Personally, i'd love to see it be exploration into more of the shattered remnants of Draenor than LOLTIMETRAVEL
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    I have a feeling that this expac, IF it ends up beeing true (as in the title), it wont actually take place in Draenor.

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    Seems like a lot of this people have 2 ideas that stem from the Expansion 5 working off of the idea that we explore present day Outlands instead of going back in time to see Draenor as a whole planet:

    1. We see all these new portals popping up and we travel to different worlds and fighting on each world as its own zone. So basically everyone wants Stargate coming to WoW. Also this would feel a lot like Cataclysm with the separate zones. I mean who would want to be on say the eastern side of Argus then fly all the way west to take the portal to outlands, to then fly to the other portal to get to Xoroth. Seems like a LOT of traveling time to me just to fly between portals.

    2. We discover a new giant floating landmass across a sea of nothingness right next to what is present day Outlands. While this could work, I just dont see it happening. Who would have discovered it, are there people still in outlands flying out into the Twisting Nether searching for more life around the shattered Draenor?

    I really don't see either of those 2 options happening which only leaves time travel as an option really. I don't necessarily support the time travel idea, I just dont like either of the directions the other option would almost have to go.

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