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    Spoils bug or ???

    Ok so 2 days ago my guild cleard spoils normal at the 1sec mark before a wipe and we were done for the night. Then yesterday we got together and thinkin that we will start working on thok. Boy were we wrong, somehow we had to clear spoils once again.
    We ain't complaining as its bonus loot plus this time both pieces were warforged. All I'm asking if this happend to someone else, could it be becouse we finished at the last sec or did the instance just bug out randomly. We are a 10 man on eu silvermoon.
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    I remember seeing someone posted about similar issue all the way back in first (or 2nd) week of SoO, so it probably a random bug.

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    During the first week we killed Spoils and it had been listed as not having been killed for everyone in our lockout. We didn't leave the raid that night until after we killed Thok so I'm not sure whether or not we could have killed it again. (It ended up being listed as killed at some point during the week)

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