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    Elemental DPS: Help!

    I hate to be THAT guy, but I'm having some serious issues with my DPS in SoO10.

    To clarify, I've been playing Ele DPS for years and I'm comfortable with the rotation, (I mean it's not that hard is it?) My gear is solid (iLVL550). But no matter what I do, my DPS is really struggling to beat 150k. I'm at my wit's end. I've tweaked my gear, reexamined my talents and glyphs, ran my enchants and gems through MrRobot repeatedly, studied and studied my rotation, but to no avail.

    I'm hitting 150k on average on a dummy W/out raid buffs etc, and peaking at 170k. That's without CDs like Ascendance.

    I know I could always stand to be more vigilant in keeping my DoTs up and being on top of LB CDs, but even in moments of lax behavior, my DPS was never this poor. I raided regularly in cata with very much the same rotation and was often top DPS in raid. So I'm wondering if there is something really obvious I'm missing.

    If anyone has got any suggestions or pearls of wisdom, I'd love to hear them. I'm a shaman on the edge!
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    just quickly looking over, 87.7% flame shock uptime is too low, looking 97%+ no reason for it to drop off. (this is the blackfuse kill paragons is a mess to try analyse)

    26.7% elemental blast uptime? 9 cast in a 4:29 fight, take away 30 seconds for 2 ascendance roughly where you won't cast it, you should have around 17-19 of them if its a 12 second cooldown.

    no cloak thats around 4-5% dps gain, not really your fault but will help you catch your guildies.

    only 1 potion used, pre-pot+ ascendance, then pot second ascendance, you have a warrior so make sure your using ascendance with his skull banner.

    no fire elemental used at all, no earth elemental used either, i'm no WoL expert so i can't see your searing totem uptime either, but if you're not using fire&earth ele i doubt searing is getting used properly either.

    Also something rather important, not going to improve your dps but will improve your progress, this is the blackfuse wipe & kill, no healing done at all? no healing stream totem, no ancestral guidance which is free raid healing, and you did die, no healing tide totem either, hybrid healing is very powerful using these in desperation or as part of a rotation with healers when you know raid damage is incoming is key.

    Also i see one of your trinkets is yu'lons bite, you're basically missing a proc on the pull, most trinkets can offer around 10k int for ascendance while yu'lon offers crit rating...of which lava burst does not benefit, i can tell you i get around 850-1100k dps on the pull it's a very important chunk of elemental damage once you replace that your dps should improve quite a bit.

    i was comparing this to my own iron juggernaut hc kill which is basically like normal siegecrafter if you don't go on the belt which i don't think you did.

    here's the log so you can compare what's different http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/l...?s=4507&e=4814
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    No point in even mentioning searing totem since it's barely worth the global.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ACRL View Post
    No point in even mentioning searing totem since it's barely worth the global.
    Heyyyyy you get out if here with that, it is massively worth it's global. It's one Gcd and over its duration will do more damage than if you got a crit on a 9 stack fulmination ( which is also 1 Gcd). Def near 100% up time on it

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    Quote Originally Posted by ACRL View Post
    No point in even mentioning searing totem since it's barely worth the global.
    Don't listen to this man. 100% searing totem uptime is about a 2% dps increase, dependant on gear and the fight.

    Source: Totemspot.
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    Thanks for the suggestions guys. It seems like I just need to be more vigilant in keeping my rotation as tight as possible. Also I'll look at getting rid of that trinket.

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