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    Draenor is technically the name of the planet they stole from the Orcs. If they hadn't been wimps and ran from the Burning Legion then the Legion wouldn't have come to Draenor and they wouldn't have corrupted the Orcs. The Orcs being corrupted and invading Azeroth is a direct result of the Draenei being losers and the Alliance should finish the job that the Legion started by slaughtering all of them.
    No, it's a direct result of the Elves fucking with magic causing the Legion to go looking for soldiers in order to try to conquor the planet again.
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    Deathwing will come and go RAWR RAWR IM A DWAGON
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    There's no point in saying this, even if you slap them upside down and inside out with the truth, the tin foil hat brigade will continue to believe the opposite.

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    I hope so. We don't need an(other) Orc centric expansion where the main focus is on people or lore parts of the Horde. I could do with a healthy dose of Draenei. They deserve some spotlight after the pretty much 100% silence since TBC.

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    What active stance? The orcs were tribal and far from the Draenei centers. Are you implying that the Draenei should do the same that the Orcs did to them?
    No, I mean fighting back against the corrupted Orcs.
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