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    5 0.68%
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  • April

    24 3.29%
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  • June

    188 25.75%
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    126 17.26%
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    118 16.16%
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    137 18.77%
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    24 3.29%
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    18 2.47%
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    13 1.78%
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    WOD Release Month Poll Part 2

    After my last poll is a bit outdatet i decided to make up a new poll i am interested to see how the expectation of the release month of wod changed since November.

    - - - Updated - - -

    in my first poll 2 months ago i choose September and i still think it will be september
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    I voted June again like in the last poll because my guess remains around then.
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    In the previous poll I voted april/may.... well that changed quite a bit. Now I am going for September.
    As things are going now, i really don't expect it before that.

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    I want it to be June, but I voted september since it'll probably be released then, just to be extra annoying to us all

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    They announced next PvP season and statement that it will be around 20-25 weeks long. that alone is setting release date to somwhere June-July, If they really want to push it out than august will be correct, but judging from previous launches and others september is the most realistic guess

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    I think it Will be out around the same time as mop was released, 25 september

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    Originally I would've said April but that's not gonna happen lol. we'll be lucky with a july release at this point

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    I voted for April before but that will never happen now. Went for August now. And I don't know if I'll be renewing till Warlords comes out, and there are many guildies who are thinking about doing the same.

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    Still voted June, They can still make it with Beta this month, if not than it has been pushed back.
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    all signs point to a july release. june at the earliest, august at the latest
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    The Statement about the 20-25 weeks is A PLAN and a WANT-thing for future Seasons. Not this one in Particular. It's probably going with the old time-pattern honestly. To get the 27k Av done it only needs to last about 16-18 Weeks. If you're really Hardcore and do get your RBG Cap every Week.

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    I don't think people would be upset about a September release if they didn't already tell us there will be NO new content until WoD... Im expecting Beta to begin this month in another gated way (one zone opening at a time or something), SURELY at least the starting zones would be ready for testing. Even if by some miracle I got into the beta before my legendary is done on my druid in about 2-3 weeks, I would still unsub until the WoD pre-expansion event. Too bad they think MoP is no longer worth our time and obviously don't care if people leave until 6.0... =[

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    I'm still saying mid-late June based on the quarterly end. If they somehow miss that table, it's going to be early September - which is getting a bit ridiculous at that point...
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    lol june..

    We're currently 17 weeks into season 14 ( fyi: s13 26 weeks, s12 22 weeks ).. So this season would might end after 20 weeks (optimistic), so its february and new season need always 2 weeks to start, so we are middle Feb ( still optimistic ). Another 20-25 weeks, what they WANT ( dont forget they wanted to release faster content since wotlk ), so another 6 months -> Middle August.

    Btw the season end has previously marked the pre-patch, not the expansion itself! Prepatch for MOP was 28th August, release 25th September.. another month.. wow would bleeding down to <5 million subs. there will be only china farmer, bots and some hardcore fans.

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    I'm saying August, beta in March.

    Blizz seems to be re-considering a lot of their decisions with the squish and the stats, plus the whole "new season" indicates a later launch for me.
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    i went with july, but dont honestly care when it drops as long as its better then MoP was.

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    Just what I said. It shifted from APRIL/MAY/JUNE to JULY/AUGUST/SEPTEMBER. People don't look at past trends such as beta lengths etc.. and make their own dumb hopeful guesses.

    My prediction still remains September - November. Likely October.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peso View Post
    Just what I said. It shifted from APRIL/MAY/JUNE to JULY/AUGUST/SEPTEMBER. People don't look at past trends such as beta lengths etc.. and make their own dumb hopeful guesses.

    My prediction still remains September - November. Likely October.
    What about past trends would make you think anything later than September? Even September is pushing it a lot. That would make it the longest expansion in the history of the game, and assuming there's no 5.5 like they said it would make 5.4 the longest patch in the history of the game. There's no past trends to support anything lasting that long just dumb pessimistic guesses.

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    There were so many wishful thinking guesses last time. Just because you want it by April doesn't mean it's ever going to happen. I think people forgot for a while that Blizzard was making this expansion. I'm saying July at the earliest, most likely August. Wouldn't be surprised if it was even later then that.

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    Still voting June, maybe July-ish.

    The pre-expansion books usually come out a month or two before launch, and the next one was beginning of June but changed to early May...

    ...but this is Blizzard we're talking about. -.-'

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