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    New race prediction: Half-Orc, or Half-Ogre, or Half-Draenei whatever.
    DISCLAIMER: Reader discretion advised. The above post is entirely fictional and purely for entertainment purposes only. Any similarities to real life events, animals, humans, persons, politicians, or any other form of entity, living, dead or in any other state of existence, is purely coincidental. The author cannot and will not be held accountable for such similarities or any other parallels that are imagined and/or drawn by you, the reader, between the above fictional work and real life events.

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    I'd say neither of the approaches, no time traveling nor alternate time line, but still quite Sci-Fi themed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shamanberry View Post
    - Level 100 will be the new level cap.

    - There will be no new classes introduced. They're going to focus efforts on revamping under-utilized and unexciting specs. This will be the #1 complaint for a long time after Blizzcon, but will die down when people see what they're doing to existing classes.

    - There will also be no new races this expansion. They're going to sell the character model revamps, and focus on lore for existing races, particularly those that are under-represented, like Draenai and Goblins. They're going to set a goal of having all of the vanilla races done by the end of the expansion, which will be seen as optimistic.

    - Massive revamp of Reforging, Enchanting, Gemcrafting, and so on. We'll see a lot more focus on individual item drops and "BiS" lists, and less on computer-assisted optimization for gearing.

    - New major feature is going to be gear and character scaling in any dungeon. Doing dungeons or raids below your level in this mode will reward valor and tokens that can be traded to a vendor for various rewards - some cosmetic, others that will benefit you in challenge modes/pet battles/etc or other non-mainstream content. May also see this apply to the outside world for assisting lower-level friends with quests without stealing all their XP.

    - Item level squish will 100% happen. Will work fine for leveling out of the box, but be horribly implemented for old content in early beta. However, with lots of feedback, they'll fix it before release, and if anything people will complain that doing normal mode of old dungeons has become *too* easy.
    No one has responded to you because this is kind of a boring answer. But I can tell you right now he's probably the most spot on person in this thread. Everything he's said seems the most reasonable. They're not doing new races because the remodels are supposed to fill that void. Furthermore, we don't need a new class because they just released one.

    I know you're not exactly going out on a limb here, but come tomorrow - this will be the most accurate response thus far.


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    - Stat squish. Ten people will be shocked over this.
    - Hit rating removed from the game.
    - New stat takes its place: Crit multiplier rating. Expect this to be around 1.20-1.30 with normal gearup.
    - Spirit kept around for the healers, but there will be notably less of it. This will reduce the cost of spells rather than increase the regen by some archaic forumla.

    - New level 100. Of course.
    - 1 baseline new ability per class, learned at lvl 92-ish. It will be utility, mostly. Most will look awesome.
    - Major revamp of many specs. Abilities will be moved about, what is not considered core abilities may be learned much earlier.
    - New 7th line talent tier for every class, learned at lvl 100. It will contain new effects that generally modify existing abilities.

    - More detailed character customization options. This includes subraces for most but not all races.

    - There will be a new secondary skill / minigame. Probably not pet related.
    - New crafting scheme where you design your own gear. Recipes learn new models, you select stat allocation within the budget.
    - Crafted armor items scale with level, replacing armor heirlooms.

    - Not happening, but a wishlist item: rogue walljumping. Won't work in raidzones and pvp zones.
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    I look into my crystal ball to perceive the future...

    I sense... great amounts of butthurt coming.

    No seriously, whatever Blizzard announces someone is going to cause an outrage.

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    I predict the expansion will be announced for Spring 2014, and that the final release date will be 3/25/14. I also predict that there will be a huge feature, probably Demon Hunter playable class or guild.player house, announced at blizzcon specifically designed to energize former players and entice them to return. Probably a new annual pass also.

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    Blizzard isnt stupid. They see all these polls asking what expansion people liked the most. They have lost 4-5 mil subs in the last few years. Theyre making an expansion similar to TBC. If you think otherwise, youre probably retarded.

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    This is getting old. There is the Epic Quest from Wrathion since what, early 2012 beta? And 5.0 Showcases Meteors falling down on the planet with *Fel Green Fire* Gee what does that mean? Not saying it is the next Expansion, but it is *an* Expansion. There I called it.
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    Open Heathstone Beta is the only thing I would put money on.

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    Everyone was fooled by Warlords of Draenor as the next WoW expansion and the true expansion is The Dark Below and we face Azshara/N'zoth as they have risen the island masses around the maelstrom and caused all types of havok along the way!!

    -No new races
    -No new classes
    -LvL cap to 100
    -Dynamic leveling
    -Better system to level Alts!!
    -End game character progression (similar to Path of the Titan idea)
    -Item Level Squish
    -Old instances/Dungeons able to be run at reduced ilvl to where content is diffucult

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    Jaina maries Anduin and they get a kid but Varian doesn't approve so they run away by the end of the expansion.

    There, I expect gold when I'm proven right.

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    My off the wall thoughts for an expanded future of WoW, some of which could be hinted at tomorrow

    - Seeds planted for the removal of faction separation. I anticipate at some point in the future (next 1 - 2 expansions) horde and ally will be able to group together.
    Preserving PvP is the key reason for this not to happen today.

    - Turalyon and Alleria are likely imprisoned on other worlds and will need our rescue
    - We will be chasing down the Burning Legions horde that escaped during the destruction of Draenor, hence the Warlords of Draenor. " In the midst of the ensuing battle the elder shaman Ner'zhul attempted to allow the remaining orcs on Draenor to escape to other worlds by opening other dimensional portals"
    - Any time travel will likely be handled in Caverns of Time the exact way all of those time travel events where handled.

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    Next expansion will feature more creative freedom for transmogrification.

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    Would a moderator kindly move this thread now that it is in the wrong place.

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    Time travel and lore babies. No hopes are up for anything. Waiting until panels. Man I'm pessimist today.

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    I see the 6.0 pre patch (5.5) seeing the Trial and Escape of Garrosh (possibly aided by Wrathion or Kairoz)

    Knowing he has no hope of gaining allies now (we killed them all) he will either:

    Travel to Outland, ally with the remaining Demons, and reform the Warlords of Draenor with ranks from the Legion and remaining Fel Orcs and forcing the Mag'har to become Fel Orcs.

    or (the more likely)

    Escape prison/Trial (likely with help) and steal the Vision of Time Hourglass and use it to travel to Old Draenor. Garrosh and his helper will kill Soridormi on the way, and Kairoz will follow to get back the Vision of Time.

    I believe the second to be more likely, so will speculate from there:

    For 6.0 we do travel back in time to old Draenor to hunt down Garrosh and likely a now corrupted or controled Kairoz. With time now displaced, newly corrupted Kairoz will be developed as the "new" leader of the Infinite Dragon Flight.

    Level Cap for 6.0 and 6.1 will be 95 and we will level 90-95 in Old Draenor with some Draenai and Mag'har allies.

    Garrosh will join with Grommash and drink the Demon Blood, becoming a Fel Orc. They will bring the other Warlords of the past together (including Gul'dan and Ner'zhul), and form a new faction.

    The first raid will involve tracking both Garrosh and Grom and likely a few Demons. I suspect we may even see a few sub raids with either 6.0 or 6.1 at level 95, likely involving Demons or the Infinite Dragonflight and possibly Murmur and the destruction of Auchindoun during the questing. Garrosh will die in this raid - giving Grom a huge reason to want revenge.

    At the end of 6.1 or beginning of 6.2 - While we are busy dealing with Garrosh and Grom, Kairoz will create a new Infinite Dragonflight from the dragons in Draenor, leading them to take the Caverns of Time, and eventually forcing both the time traveling horde and alliance and the original Alliance Expedition out of the past and into the "present" as Kairoz, in his madness, will believe that preventing the Second War will be the only way to save Azeroth. (This role may be played out by Wrathion instead, considering the Legendary questline)

    6.2 We will be back in Azeroth in the "present", and after Kairoz (or Wrathion). Kairoz will "somehow" prevent the Dark Portal from being opened, and the resulting destruction of Draenor from happening. All of the heroes from WC2 will still be on Azeroth, and as young and powerful as they were back then, having not aged the 30 odd years in between.

    6.2 will have a raid against Kairoz (or Wrathion...or Both) and the infinite Dragon Flight (likely inside the Caverns of Time) to try and put right what was changed, and keep the past the same. Nozdurmo and Chromie, the Second War Heroes, and others will join us.

    6.3 (Rise of the Legion) With the death of Kairoz (or Defeat of Wrathion) and his new Dragonflight, his measures against opening the dark portal will be destroyed as well. The Portal will open to a true Burning Legion Invasion and we will go back to a now heavily changed, but still whole, Draenor that has been in control of the Fel Orc Warlords for 30 years with no opposition. Because of the timeline adjustments, Deathwing, Illidan, and Arthas are still alive - and not as corrupted as they were (Arthas never became the Lich King, Illidan never used the Skull of Gul'dan, etc.) We level from 95-100 here again in Draenor (but seeing the difference the time travel has caused - with former peaceful Draenai controlled lands now eradicated, former allies now demon controlled and against us, or dead) facing off against the Fel Horde to try and stop them from Summoning Kil'Jaeden and the full power of the Burning Legion.

    6.4 will see the full invasion of the Legion and a raid against their forces - likely including a remaining Warlords (Gul'dan/Grom) and likely Kil'Jaeden at full power.

    6.5 we set things right and return to our own timeline just in time to face Naga as their cities are raised up out of the Ocean for the next xpack.

    No New Races or Classes

    New Models for old races released throughout the expansion (animation team to busy to make new races on top of this)

    Instead of New Classes, I see 4th spec added to each class, eliminating "Pure" DPS classes by adding either a healing or tanking spec to each of them, and giving the current hybrids another roll (shaman - tank, DK - ranged dps (runemaster) or healer (blood magic), etc.

    BUT if there is to be a new class, I suspect it will not be available at launch, but will instead become available in 6.3 for the second half of leveling and be (a less corrupted) Illidan trained Demon Hunters.

    Split leveling 90-95 for first 1/2 of xpack with level 95 raids; 95-100 for second 1/2 to give developers time to make new content while we level.

    Item Level Squish to prevent "Mega-Damage"

    Void Storage changed from Bank like System to Cosmetic Model Unlocks. (IE: if you put something in void storage, you unlock it's model for all your characters.) Once unlocked, you will use new Transmog interface to pick the model you wish for each slot. (IE: visit the transmog vendor, click chest slot, list pops up of your unlocked void storage transmogs - pick model you prefer)

    Old Content revisited via LFD/LFR with Vision of Time Hourglass by adjusting our effective ilvl. Old LFD's grant Justice Points, Old LFR's grant Valor - giving an alternate way to cap OR they will both grant a new currency that can be used to purchase cosmetic unlocks or current level gear.

    "Mentor" System allowing us to downgrade our ilvl at will to quest and raid with lower level friends through normal leveling cycle.

    Heirloom unlock and Tabard "tabs". Heirloom possibly used by the new void storage/transmog system. (IE: go to transmog vendor, click chest slot, pick heirloom from list, and poof - heirloom on)

    I think that covers everything I think/hope will be there. More of a "what I hope" than "what I think" but yeah, it's what I'm aiming for!

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    I'm still hoping Warlords of Draenor is a Warcraft 1 & 2 HD remake.

    One can only hope.

    I also have a small hope for The Dark below but shhhhht

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    I'm so very, very tempted to spill the beans but i'm going to be good boy and wait until the trailer hits
    I keep reminding myself how I wish I hadn't spoiled myself tbh. Would much rather be surprised.

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    WoD is not the title of the next expansion.

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    If the new expansion features new races, Ogres will definitely be one of them.

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