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    Cool April Fools is over... Welcome back to WarCraft!

    Behalf of me, half of the Onyxia server and my entire guild - who re-subbed to WoW today after watching the Cinematic - I'd like to welcome you all back to WarCraft! Yes, that's right. The bad April fools joke that is MoP is finally over.

    To clarify: MoP had a lot of content and beautiful scenery. But it just didn't feel like WarCraft to me or apparently a lot of other players.
    A lot of people will probably rage at me, but people's reaction today on servers like Onyxia, Sylvanas and Burning Legion was pretty clear.

    Also to the MoD about to bann me: This isn't actually spam.
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    "Nothing sells better then sex, and if it does, it's made by Blizzard." - D2D™

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    I'm not banning you but there isn't anything really to discuss in a thread like this.

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