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    Ok so you guys are talking about kiting adds but perhaps someone could specify how to do it? Like there is the tank debuff still stacking up as we speak when the adds come out, is the dps to kill the adds before the boss goes 3 stacks on the other tank or the other tank just has to live through to the next whirlwind?

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    Banadona, it's not viable for you. With the dps you have, you're going to have 8+ total add spawns. This can't be handled with two tanks, so you have to listen to every other tip people are giving you.

    Don't try to cheese mechanics, because the way you're playing now, you won't get past the first phase of Immerseus.

    Handle the waves properly.

    How? Just make sure everyone spreads out and watches out for a purple circle underneath them. When they see a circle under them, move away, then pick up the add that spawns from it, NOT A DIFFERENT ADD, but exactly the one that spawns under. Even healers too, yes.
    When your add is dead, help others. Tanks can take 2 or maybe even 3 adds without overwhelming themselves when the adds get buffed, but it's recommended that everyone do their jobs. Remember that adds can be CCd.

    Quote Originally Posted by Orcindauh View Post
    Wouldn't say it's a terrible strat. Made our first kill tremendously easier. While we were progressing on him and after numerous wipes we decided to have tank kite all adds after the 1st set which we killed and found it much easier for the kill. Only had 2 sets of adds before phase 3. However that's probably is unrealistic with OP's dps but it's not a "terrible strat.

    Also makes phase 3 go by a lot quicker with dps only having to switch targets for mcs, allowing them to put a ton more dps on the boss which is what you should want anyways.

    - - - Updated - - -

    We were able to do it 10m with 550ish tanks at the time, not a whole lot overgeared
    I'm sure it worked for you, but it's irrelevant here.
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    EU first PG wave 30, come at me bros.

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    The plan with kiting adds COULD work i think. The only thing I'm concerned about is the tank that holds Garrosh. Don't know if he'd be able to survive the stacks all up to like 10. We will try it out tonight though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Megamisama View Post
    I'm sure it worked for you, but it's irrelevant here.
    It actually is relevant. Someone gave false information and it had to be corrected. Saying it's a "terrible strat" is false information.

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    We're having a lot of problems with people dying during Whirling Corruption. Even the non-empowered one. Should we have like a raid cooldown up for each one of these?

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    Stack, AoE Heal for the whirls. For the empowered whirls raid CDs should be used since you cant stack. People should use persons (shields, health stones, etc.) and possibly raid CDs..literally, there is no other time for Raid CDs in this fight, so totally use them if people are dying. As for kiting adds, if your DPS is lacking as much as people are saying it is..then it is totally the "right" thing to do to kite and focus the boss, but if the dps is still so bad that you're gonna get 3 or more sets of adds, then don't bother, cause you can't kite that many for that long, eventually the Boss Tank will die. So your option is to have super controlled add damage, or kite adds and make everyone perform way better than they actually are. I'd pick the kite strat, and tell people to pot and use short CDs during the end of p2, and then you'll have hero and 3 min cds up for the last burn. Getting to p3 is much harder than the actual phase. Since you just ignore everything pretty much (except mcs, obv) you should focus on getting there, and if your tank can kite adds decently and possibly pick up the boss for a few stacks to relieve pressure on the Main Tank it could totally be a kill. Also, your damage might appear to be low because of poor cd usage. **have people use dmg cds during the intermissions** this is a major part of cutting his hp down in phase 2. intermissions are chances to get free damage on the boss without having to deal with any mechanics (except some slight movement from the smash). Take advantage of this. You'll see your phase 2 times cutting down drastically if you can do this correctly.

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    What's wrong with the idea of just cleaving adds down and letting them merge and not caring about it? Obviously you wouldn't want them all to combine but 3-4 of them combining isn't a big deal, especially if you have the garrosh tank and the add tank swap on the extra stacks.

    Either way, the biggest hurdle for my group on this fight wasn't the adds it was the empowered MCs. Once we got everyone to call out their interrupt target properly and had a good strat for that, the fight went down.

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