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    Let's revert Goblin npcs and give that model to players, then go back to old cat/bear forms and make jaggy 2d mounts again.


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    Well many people pick "don't show helm" so it's a factor and also new Models get new Animations in addition to their new looks. That is why people are ZOMG super excited
    Capitalism, Ho!

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    Models with higher polycount is a solved problem for them, otherwise they would not be able to implement pandas in its current form.
    (Normalmaps would not really help with models that are so low-poly, also you just transfer the performancecost to something else, which is not cheaper at all.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Puffler View Post
    New models would hopefully mean better fitting armor, i.e. less armor clipping etc (Nelf eye brows)
    This is what I am hoping for also and some new armor models also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrLordDariusCrowley View Post
    Let's remove character models, they're just a waste.
    Let's make everyone cubes and the only customization you have is the colour of said cube!
    I cannot wait to customize the color of my cube.
    Quote Originally Posted by evn View Post
    In fact, I'd argue $100 for a bottle of scotch to drink while you're building it would be the best use of your money - but then, who wouldn't?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ogawdspider View Post
    I cannot wait to customize the color of my cube.
    You are only allowed Red Green and Blue though, other colors are too complex

    Just to show the difference between the human and Pandaren model in polygons[email protected]/9776201536/[email protected]/9776007842/

    See the small increase in extra smoothness in curves by adding extra polygons and the increased density in polygons used in the face.
    it's clear the extra polygons are being invested in areas that will be visible, it's not like pandaren have a high poly bellybutton
    These extra polygons in the face are what allow the model to have so many facial expessions, that's something that just isn't possible with the human model.
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    Quote Originally Posted by verdamte View Post
    The problem is that a character designer works with a poly counter which is sat to a upper limit. Afaik a naked Wow model is around 5-6 k polygons. But when you add armor and weapons, you will at least double that count - and then you actual start approaching what is feasible for modern mmo games. If you add polygons to the naked model, you might have to cut down on the armor/weapon details.

    You can get along way with Normal maps, which sort of "paint" extra polygons on a model. But im not sure wow`s graphic engine supports that kind of texture.
    You have literally no idea what you are talking about. None of that makes any sense at all. Care to explain how the Pandaren model exists?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nomorepriest View Post
    Why is everyone up in arms about getting a new model for their characters.

    It's a waste.
    It will be great for a week then be forgotten.

    Armor is getting bigger and flashier.

    Which would COVER up the new models..

    You might be able to turn off your helm or your cape but woah so exciting to have a new model which will be covered already. Which would make the new models void.

    Give us new races!!!
    New races: many new classes to play with the new races, racialist, min/maxing.
    New starting zones for these races
    Much more of an impacts

    Thanks bye
    Thanks to Transmog we can make our armor look the way we want, upgrades to character models will help a lot. Since we can see our characters again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ogawdspider View Post
    I cannot wait to customize the color of my cube.
    It is in testing
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    I'm agree with op, it's great for a few week, then ppl will foget and whine omg there rehashed skeletons, no new unique bosses, mounts, content...

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