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    Mix it with alchemy. It being an own profession would seem weird but with alchemy it would make more sense well to me.

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    I die so much I would be server first Zen master

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    there are a lot of problems with ops idea presented (not the concept of dying) but yeah, no, im not touching it if it involves a profession u have to grind to get minimal rewards like inscription. it should just be built into an interface like transmog and cost us a fee cuse im not dealing with yet another crap profesion where the "rewards" are something you pile up that one time u make em and never revisit again.

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    The point, what is it? There is no reason to give This a profession of its own. We already have transmog. There are several color variations of some sets out there. I personally wouldn't like it since I know I would see some rainbow guy running around with every color they could manage just to annoy someone.

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    the overall idea of being able to create dyes etc is great, but the application you described was far too complicated. IMO dyes would be better off added as a new crafted item to an existing proff, such as Inscritpion or Alchemy. Could still pair well with Herbalism and perhaps Skinning or Mining, as you could crush gems / ores or boil hides to help create the hues of your dyes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ricirich91 View Post
    So what I have in mind is a profession useful for purely aesthetic purposes (in fact inspired by transmogrification) that focuses on recoloring the various equipment of players trough the following ways.
    PS: this prof is meant to work well with Herbalism mats, and only applicable to epic items.
    It's a nice idea, but too complex.

    All you need is

    1: Scribes have the ability to create dyes and enamels.
    2: Mats for dyes can be found on the market, in the wild, as rewards from PvP arenas, as drops off MoBs (Onyxia Black ) and so on. A second use for leather?
    3: Anyone can change the color of a piece of equipment if the equipment is compatible
    4: Maximum complexity - can change the color of the background, foerground, edging, and symbol


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    Quote Originally Posted by Skizzit View Post
    I think that was just wishful thinking based on the fact that it was announced mere days before that Diablo III's transmog system would not require you to keep the gear to be able to use it for transmog. This "feature" has since been removed from the thread containing the leak. It really doesn't make much sense for Blizzard to remove that requirement for WoW since it would make void storage pointless. Only way I see them possibly doing that would be to change void storage to something where you pay the same amount of gold per item as you do now only instead of storing the item, you learn the model for use in transmog, perhaps destroying the item in the process.
    Actually I had no idea of these Diablo 3 changes and only heard of em as soon as I copy-pasted my idea to a friend. I'm only a keyboard turner on these forums ;-) I haven't been actively reading Diablo 3 stuff since I bought it at release and started to hate how dull it was after the first so-many run throughts on whatever the highest difficulty was back then.

    It was just my imagination, trying to speculate and come up with how transmog could be changed, I prefer to come up with things my whack brain can cope with

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