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    June launch, maybe? That gives development teams 4-5 months to test from a January open beta.

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    That's...a month of Beta testing, and it'd have to be immediately after Blizzcon. That's CRAZY.

    My estimate is April-June

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    Announced before christmas , but not released.
    Its november if the Expac was gonna be released like the next month , people would not be prepared ect with their raiding ect

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    If they wait till April, they'll lose a lot more subscribers before it hit.

    I'm assuming a February/March release window; more than likely being pushed back to end of March.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steampunk View Post
    If they wait till April, they'll lose a lot more subscribers before it hit.

    I'm assuming a February/March release window; more than likely being pushed back to end of March.
    True as that may be I don't think they have it in them to get it done before April or May. I'm sure they know that and will come up with something to soften the impact a bit, but they're gonna lose people regardless.

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    Blizz has delivered MoP pretty much as promised. I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt that they have been working very hard behind the scenes with upcoming content.

    I'm also going to be realistic about what I've known since I started playing and how even if patch cycles have a rhythm, expansions cycles are a little bit bigger than just normal content.

    4 Months after SoO = Early January - Next Expected Patch 5.5

    ~May 13th seems about right to me - This would give Blizzard the extra time they need to properly release an expansion, it would be 8 months past the release of SoO.

    I would find it hard to believe that Blizz holds this content longer than that. Expansion or not, the Dragon Soul lull was terrible; and we all know Blizz is aware of that. I don't think 6.0 is coming post summer regardless of previous release schedules.
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    Probably Spring 2014, like every other god damn MMO. It's going to piss me off that every big new MMO are going to come out at the same time.

    Why do companies do this to us?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wikko View Post
    Anyone with a sense of marketing wouldnt be releasing an online game in the middle of a summer, so it's either before may or after august. Doesnt matter if it'd be ready next june, they would wait and launch it after summer
    D3 was released in a May and Starcraft 2 was released in the middle of a summer. Most gamers aren't college kids with nothing to do over the summer but hang around outside for some arbitrary reason. Most people work, have families and other commitments that keep them close to home which leaves ample time for gaming. Also there is the fact mmos live or die based on content which means content needs to get released every so often even if that means a patch or an expansion release during the summer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Feral Camel View Post
    Not a chance sorry. I'd be thinking around April at the earliest.
    Possibly earlier if they want to stick to their MoP philosophy with releasing content. Siege was a little late, but ToT was on point with their "6-month philosophy". This Friday marks the 2-month 'anni'versary of Siege, so another 6 months WOULD be April, assuming it's a bit late due to it being a new expansion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by velde046 View Post
    I believe there is a chance that immediately after announcement on Blizzcon, the friends and family alpha will start (or even may have). It is possible to the start beta in december (or late november if alpha testing is well on its way). 2-3 months of beta testing and then release february/march. SOunds feasible to me.
    Likely? I can only hope. I do not think it it will be released later than may next year....
    There was no F&F alpha for Mop and I doubt they will have one for this next expansion. It is largely unnecessary as Blizzard has expansion releases down to a science now. It was rather hilarious that right before Mop beta started people like you were swearing up and down it wouldn't start for another 6 months because of the F&F.

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    Quote Originally Posted by laughtrey View Post
    There's another pvp season, there's a 5.5
    Why would there be a new pvp season when there won't be another tier of raiding? 5.5/6.0 whichever it may be, is just going to be the lead in for the expansion. There will be no real content to speak of. As of 5.4, Mop is done.

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    A space ship full of mutated ducks has a better shot at landing in the middle of Manhattan and giving everyone they see a pack of bubbalicous gum than Blizzard releasing WOD Christmas 2013.

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    I will play it safe and guess between April and December 2014. It's bound to come out somewhere in there. :-P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Armourboy View Post
    At best early spring, my guess is either late spring or they wait til early fall.
    When are you people going to get it? Blizzard absolutely can not for any reason wait much longer past summer for a new expansion. If they do you will see a mass exodus like no other. It just isn't happening.

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    I'd be surprised if they even announced a release date at Blizzcon. I don't believe they have in the past. My guess is as early as April - May when school is getting out. I really can't see them releasing it December of next year because they would need to add in at least 1 huge and difficult raid to fill that gap.

    They would hemorrhage subs like mad if they didn't release it until December of next year. I mean, the content is already starting to get boring as it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by syar View Post
    Is there a reason why blizzard never releases something during summer or close to summer? This always bugged me as I am aware that no expansion was released near those months, but I can't see a clear reason why not. I mean people go on holidays but thats for 1-2 weeks for most people and rest of the season spent working like usual. Also kids have a loads of time during summer.
    D3 and SC2 say hi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drithien View Post
    So the last raiding tier of this expansion would be the shortest of this and every other expansion in the game, at the same time cutting off the progression of the vast majority of raiding guilds that are working either on the first heroic modes or even normal bosses, thus angering so many people? Not to mention the arena season. Or players that take their time to fill in goals/achievements from the past of the expansion during those last few months before the next expansion. Why would they be so stupid to shoot themselves in the foot like that?
    Anyone serious about progression is already done with 5.4. Everyone else is just wannabe hardcores and not a reason for Blizzard to hold back any type of content. 6 month tiers are fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Feral Camel View Post
    Not a chance sorry. I'd be thinking around April at the earliest.
    Ye sounds right, no later then Q2 tho otherwise you risk losing subs to wildstar and ESO who are shaping up quite well, both $15 monthly subs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arrowstormen View Post
    Because it's a horrible month for games. People take on vacation and stuff, it would be awful for the expansion to start while a big portion of the population have summer plans. June and July is no-no.

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    I see nothing wrong with this.
    You can not be serious. Summer is a great time to release games and they do in fact get released during the summer. Or did I just imagine 4-5 big title releases per week during every summer I worked in retail?

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    Each patch seems to come out every 3-4 months for this expansion. which puts 5.5 at december or early january, and if its anything other than a pre-expac patch it will last until march or april and that will be around the time when the next expac comes out. This will give SoO a full 6 months which is what the last tiers got. unless they are planning for a shock and awe campaign, which i think they are, then it'll be before may.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gothicshark View Post
    Blizzard is a Bit sentimental, Warcraft was released 23 November 1994, WOW was released 23 November 2004, that's 10 years later. if you look at all Warcraft release dates they are with in 6 weeks of 23 November.

    What I expect is they will try and release every year after this next one, but they have a lot of work to get on that type of scheduled. This means Yes a 5.5, and a 5.6.

    6.0 will release early, but none of the Expansion material will unlock until the 23 November. That is how they will do it.
    Are we pretending that Blizzard didn't release TBC in a January and the fact they want 18 month expansion cycles now? Do the math. They can't have 18 month development cycles and only release expansions in a November. Forget when games were released in the past. In fact forget EVERYTHING about how Blizzard used to do things because none of that matters anymore. They have made significant changes to how they develop and who they hire and how many they hire and that has a huge impact on development cycles. We have already seen it at work in Mop with the content patches every 3 months so there is absolutely not one single reason in the world why Blizzard can't get an expansion out by start of summer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ocis View Post
    There will be zero chance of a release at Christmas this year. Hell, it wouldn't even make sense to start beta testing until after Christmas, they want to give guilds some more time to finish up this tier first. Given that they would want to do at least 3 months worth of testing it would make sense that at the earliest you're looking at April for a release date. Given Blizzard's history of never making it on time for a release date I'd be surprised if they're ready for an April/May release. That means they'll be looking at a summer or fall release and doing a Q4 release will enable them to finish the year looking strong to investors.
    No amount of profit in Q4 next year is going to make up for the losses due to dropping subscriptions in quarters 1-3. Don't be stupid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haidaes View Post
    To those saying that the patch cycle was shorter this time around and xmas would be the length of every other patch this expansion:
    Please remember that these shorter patch cycles were all bought with making shorter filler content inbetween major patches! Making an expansion is on a whole diffrent scale than making SoO and one could even argue that the Endless Isle of Grind is already lower quality than most other quest hubs as well. After all there is no story at all, besides a few bits and pieces of the legendary cloak and there are hardly quests or dialoque, all that went into SoO.
    Content is content. It doesn't matter how it is packaged, it is still content. If they can do content patches every 3 months (something they never did before) they can certainly do expansions every 12-18 months. Again this isn't the Blizzard of old. They have made huge changes to how the develop content since Cata and it isn't just lip service anymore because we have seen these changes at work in Mop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bach0r View Post
    Christmas during the Siege? Xmas tree guarded by Kor'kron? no christmas gifts for Trolls, Tauren and other races?

    Damn, its sure that they will clean SoO stuff in Orgrimmar and make Vol'jin <Warchief of the Horde> before Christmas.
    Did they change Brewfest because of what was going on in game? No? Then why would they do it for Winters Veil?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amerrol View Post
    Why would anyone want an expansion a year? Going the CoD/Assassin's Creed route is not a good idea.
    Because Wow expansions are totally just like COD and Assassins Creed.
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    IMO 1 expansion per year is too fast in any case. One per 18-21 months maybe.

    Would be happy with some downtime, myself.
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