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    Quote Originally Posted by Beartastic View Post
    It was something they announced when Activision took control of blizzard, right before Cataclysm happened.
    sorry to burst your bubble but activision has had control of blizzard for much longer than that, its why the vast majority of vanilla/bc players hate wow. wrath was the start of the decline because activision started forcing blizzard to pump out half-assed content at a faster rate and it shows. The merger was being processed in 2007
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    So just under 2 months to not only fully test the expansion, but also shove in all the advertising and overload people with information about the next expansion before it goes live to get interest. Announcing a future game well in advance is beneficial, not just from a technical point of view, but also a marketing one. There is a reason why Blizzard announce expansions and games long before they are released, just like every other company.

    It's wishful thinking to believe that they'll have a new sparkling expansion for you to play in less than 2 months, but we've got a long wait before the expansion is coming out. 5.4 has only been released, we still need to see the content that bridges the gap between Mists and the next expansion and we are also ignoring the fact that the next expansion hasn't even been officially announced yet. Realistically, we don't have a 100% clear idea what the expansion even is, only speculation for Blizzcon. To say it's too early to think about release dates is an understatement.

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    if you think there is going to be an expansion anytime before June/July you are delusional. we have been in 5.4 for less than 2 months now. they still haven't even announced the next X-pansion(I will admit they probably will this weekend) but then there is still 2-3 months before Beta arrives and at a minimum 3 months of beta(4-5 months most likely ) if they push it and release anything that isnt the usual Blizzard polish the same people that are complaining they want new content now will be on these same forums bitching about quality.

    I would just sit back right now wait for the announcement

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