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    Hide Shoulders.

    Eventhought they said it might not be a good idea I am sure a lot of ppl wants to hide shoulders somehow.

    Hopefully blizzard creates a couple of "invisible shoulderpads" items for xmog.

    I wanted to hide my shoulders for the last 9 years.

    Thoughts on this?

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    shoulders have always been a sign of prestige for some reason. I doubt blizz will put in a not show. I recall someone on twitter asking this and that was gc's response
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    I would absolutely love to hide my shoulders. I Prefer my characters to look slim and delicate rather than bulky and brutish and often it is hard for me to find just the right shoulders for transmogrifying.

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    Seems alright, but I'd prefer a one shoulder option, similar to the old Herod's.
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    Or we can have an interface to make them smaller or bigger at please.

    Althought that might be more complicated than it sounds like.

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    Ew, no. Shoulders are one of the coolest parts of gear. They're visible and bad-ass. If they're going to change some item scaling I'd prefer weapons to be the same size on BE chicks as they are on humans. I hate the TINY weapons.
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    It would be a nice option. There's some super cool huge shoulds in game but I do prefer some clothes sets without them

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    Lol, hiding shoulders..? Really? Just no. -.-

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    Why would anyone be against this? Don't like, don't use. But some of us prefer some looks without shoulder armor. My priestess would be a lot better (and looking like an actual priestess) if I were able to hide them.

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    Hiding shoulders.. no :P But i understand that request :P I don't like helm and glad for hiding him!

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    i remember back in vanilla when i got my first shoulder peace and my first helm, i was so happy it made me feel epic back then, i think if they did a option like they do with helm and cape it would be fine

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