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    you guys know what would be really awesome? 2 new main faction cities, Dalaran and Black Temple :P

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    Fix DK scalling, re-work our damn resource system and I'm happy,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Excel905 View Post
    The reason for petless is not because people don't like the idea of pets, it's because the Blizz pet system is awful. Pathing issues, random pet bugs etc.

    I would rather not have to deal with pet pathing and what not in PvE situations for DPS. If it was needed for utility then fine, otherwise I rather not. Having your pet die randomly or despawn frequently isnt fun at all.
    Sounds like the Hunter class isn't for you then? There are other classes that don't have pets. Try those?

    You have to draw a line somewhere between "making the class into something I want to play" and "finding a class that is already in the state that I want to play".

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    Id like to start seeing smarter pet UI, more emphasis on pets for the BM spec too.

    Wouldn't mind seeing cosmetic quivers coming back.

    Scopes showing enchants on ranged weapons (maybe something similar to Hunter gold CM gear helm with a sight laser?)

    Would be cool if they remove pets from MM and buff the hunter/physical damage of it and somehow bake pet buffs into MM hunter abilities.

    Would LOVE for them to fix the way crossbows scale down on your back... because it just doesn't make sense.

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    Hoping to see Growl reworked a bit, similar to voidwalkers. Separate Taunt from it, make Growl itself a toggleable passive, "always on" kind of thing. That would fix a lot of issues our pets have with threat against mobs like those on Timeless Isle.

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