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    Quote Originally Posted by Radeghost View Post

    as legit as the OP's one
    I'd believe that one more.

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    This is obviously fake.

    If the races isn't enough of a clue of it, no way it won't be here until December 2014, and even if that's the case Blizzard never ever give release dates more than 2-3 months in advance, let alone over a year in advance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FunkyRaccoon View Post
    You can't read the subtitle, and Mo'arg would have to be the dumbest inclusion for a playable species ever - they just look like brown orcs, only uglier. I'd dislike those even more than ogres, just because of the redundancy (and ogres make me want to puke, they remind me of Baby Huey, and I enjoy killing their mentally defective, diapered butts. I'd either 1) not want them playable or 2) see them go to Alliance for some strange reason so I can take up PvP just to kill them all day.)
    You're thinking of Mag'har. Mo'arg are demons with big saw arms. And it seems the guy making the "leak" doesn't know what Mo'arg are either, because he showed a picture of a Gan'arg.
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    I call fake. Alone the fact that alliance gets Ethereals would make 90% of Horde players, including me, switch to the alliance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Potentio View Post
    However a Q4 2014 release is almost set in stone. 10th year anniversary too.
    if you believe that you are delusional. they would be suicidal to make us wait THAT long for the expansion.

    OT: like everyone is saying. clearly fake. half of that stuff doesnt make sense. the grammar is way too bad to be official and pretty sure that logo is just the original WoW one with a new title shopped on.
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    why do people keep trying? i mean really? do you think we are actually this stupid? you gotta be stupid to believe that we'd fall for it.

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    1. The grammar is questionable. If it was real, the grammar would be fairly stellar. Never trust anything fully if the grammar is sub-par and not "professional". Sure, people can make typoes, but I'm pretty sure that a big company like Blizzard would proof-read their stuff going out to the public--multiple times.
    2. There's a fairly obvious discoloration on the flags to the left. (I haven't posted enough to post links, look carefully below the Worgen and Goblin images)
    3. The model would be much smoother and have less hard edges, and would be wearing the "starting" gear.
    4. "We learned from the past". It looks like it was made by some whining fanboy that thinks the game revolves around him.

    So it's probably fake. But it's not impossible that Blizzard has something up their sleeves. Skeptical, but not impossible.

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    a pre-determined release date?

    from Blizzard?

    Biggest fake ever.

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    English is by no means my first language, but... "Curciality"? That's not a word, right?

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    Hahaha, very funny. You've been...PSYCHED!

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    Shitty grammar, so fake...
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    New mount leaked:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Golforth View Post
    I call fake. Alone the fact that alliance gets Ethereals would make 90% of Horde players, including me, switch to the alliance.
    This is fake of course, but I could see Blizzard doing something like giving a highly desirable race to Alliance and Ogres to Horde, to try and appease the Alliance player base for two (possibly three if this Grom thing is to be believed) expansions highlighting the Horde and Orc characters, with the Alliance story sort of written in afterwards.

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    Demon Hunter - fake.
    Instant 85 - even bigger fake.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dezarus View Post
    New mount leaked:
    I'd pay $25 to ride that. Those stubby legs would be hysterical to watch in motion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Furkel View Post
    English is by no means my first language, but... "Curciality"? That's not a word, right?
    I love you, man.

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    available december 2014 - unlikely.. well howlong does it take for beta tests etc?
    level 90 - 100 - i'd rather say 90-95, but who knows
    "we learned from the past"-thing - unlikely to be said by Blizzard. Also: where do you cc in pve these days anyway?
    instant 85 - well there's already a instant 80 isn't there?!
    new pve-system: why not...
    Who knows how old this screnshot is and who it took: It may have not been the final result - the character models aswell.
    On the other hand... english isn't my native language and I understand if you find mistakes in grammer/vocab then there's desfinately something wrong

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    Looks like the "This just showed up in my page" thread got locked super quick. Alas, this was 30 seconds work with only right-click and typing;

    Every time someone posts a ridiculous screenshot and people proceed to go 'lol photoshop', I'm going to refer them back to this and then again to the developer console in Chrome (or Firebug on Firefox).

    For the curious/an idiots guide - Chrome;
    - Right-click the element you wish to edit
    - Select 'inspect element'
    - Locate the piece of text or image you want to replace within the console and then double-click it
    - Type new text if you're replacing text, or replace the image URL with the URL of the image you want it to be replaced with
    - Print-screen
    - Paste + crop in paint
    - Save + upload to imgur
    - Make ridicilolous claims

    Firebug should be similar - not used Firefox for several years so I'm not even sure if Firebug is still going. It's all a lot easier than photoshopping and trying to line up otherwise antialiased areas of different colours and matching the font.

    For extra authenticity, don't forget to take a photo of the final image, apply some bullcrap Instagram effects to it, and then upload that. Bonus points if you manage to get the line "I drawed it on a toaster" or "Photo'ed with a potato" somewhere in the image.

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    Lmao I am truly grateful for the ppl who have a sense of humor here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by byZodi View Post

    One of my guildies just linked this in guild chat not sure whether to believe it or not with blizcon being so close
    Personally i don't think they will make us wait until december
    I feel like the Warlords of Draenor would have a TM next to it if it was an official logo? It wouldn't be that shitty either lol.
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