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    [Possible Leak] WoD new race & DH class?

    Idk if this was posted or not.

    Links to see full pic

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    Mo'arg looks like this'arg
    The thing in the first screenshot is a'arg

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrLordDariusCrowley View Post
    Mo'arg looks like this'arg
    The thing in the first screenshot is a'arg
    The name on the second photo for the Horde faction says Gan'arg.

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    Everything about me want to scream fake but i want to play an Ethereal so badly too >.<.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrLordDariusCrowley View Post
    Mo'arg looks like this'arg
    The thing in the first screenshot is a'arg
    In the second picture if you look real close it actually does say Gan'arg on the horde side races, hard to see though. While I dont believe this is real, how cool do ethereals look as a race?

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    unfortunately that looks very fake, but I like the idea of Ethereals as a playable race.

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    Wasn't it someone posting this ethereal picture in another thread claiming he made it just to show how easy it is to photoshop fake pictures?
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    Just no. The models are worse quality that Worgen and even humans IMO. The top pic is definitely not real, neither is the slide. That logo is pretty my WotLK one. Same with the quality of the backdrop. Private server or someone just hyping crazy people. Wait til Blizzcon, then post things.

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    Convenient that both models are found in game, and are from TBC. The Gan'arg mob I have killed 100s of times in Hellfire and that Ethereal is from Karazhan and a number of locations in Outland's dungeons.

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    Still going with it being fake. Blizzard would have the race named two different things in two different screen shots of character creation, right?

    Also, would be just utterly disappointing race option, not only totally lame Horde race but faction-exclusive playable Ethereals? Let alone to the faction that makes the least sense for them to align with (they are more or less nomadic (troll) merchants (goblins) with a fascination with the arcane and a calculating nature (blood elves)).

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    Not this fake again. Do you honestly think we'll get BC models for new races? Come on that's a dead give away.

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    Release date December 2014.. gotta be fake. No way Blizzard would wait that long and have another ICC patch (1 year long).

    Would kill to play an Ethereal tho :/

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    Ethereals are overrated.

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    you need to dress them up in gear for that class

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    Fake, that's a model from BC. Both of those. And they don't show any player armor on them at all.
    Nice try. Also conflicting information on those. The one with the Gan'arg says Mo'arg, and the one with the Ethereal says Mo'arg.

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    Sorry, but this is clearly fake. There is no way Blizzard would re-use the exact same models at this stage of their development cycle of the upcoming expansion. The textures probably wouldn't be 100% sorted, but the model itself would be far better then that.

    Along with the fact that the models / icons are easily found (ie; they're the first ones available) means this is a cheap Photoshop. I do wish this was true, but I just don't see it happening.

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    Release Dezember 2014, yeah, not going to happen.

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    The first picture was demonstrated to be fake as there are multiple inconsistencies with the lore and basic Blizzard Quality :
    - The Name "Mo'Arg" is the only one clamping with the portait in the left.
    - The Mo'Args are not like that at all, this is a gan'arg.
    - The background and model does not match with any of Blizzard quality standards even for an early ALPHA.
    - It was delivered with a december 2014 date (no caps to December), and the date is totally impossible as it would mean that there would be no patch for 13 months.

    The second picture was posted on the forum (You can see it a little lower in the forums) and was an intentionnal response to the first picture saying "Look how easy it is to fake a new race leak." and it's even more believable than the first image. But the Author of the second screenshot intentionnaly said it was a montage to tell us to be very skeptical about screenshot leaks like those.

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    yeah totally real, they're remodelling all the old player races, but on new races they are reusing TBC models, because why not!
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    this has been going around the past 2 days. its a total fake. too many errors that blizzard would never make even IF it was a rough draft.
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