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    Creating a raiding class based on races

    Hey, I have a question regarding opening a charecter.
    I used to be a hardcore raider from vanilla to WOTLK, I recently came back playing and thinking about raiding, as a rule, every charecter I play is an option to raid with in the future, hence I build it appropriately with the right glyphs, gear and proffessions.

    Classes I don't have experience on at ALL are hunters priests warlocks and shamans.

    Thing is I wish to open any of those at some point, right now its the latter 3.

    so the question is, is there a point considering the racials for raiding ? I went to Wowprogress and appearnetly theres no one charecter that is a TAUREN priest or shaman for example is it just because nobody wants to play a tauren with those classes ? or is it useless for raiding in comprassion to other races, (it has only stamina buff if I remember correctly, and that aoe stun.).

    Cause I want to play a tauren, ofcourse my race is not set in stone, but might aswell choose properly to begin with.

    Help ?

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    If you're thinking of racials, then it is mainly troll. Tauren is rarely taken merely because it just gives a small boost to health.

    In the priest and shaman case, it normally always will be troll.
    On warlock it is a choice between troll and orc because the orc gives a boost to pet damage. This inclues hunter aswell.

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    You don't understand my question, I know well what the racials are, what I'm wondering about is that wether it is affordable to play as a tauren caster for example, just cause I like the race that is.

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    The troll/orc racials are just insanely good right now that they eclipse everything else when it comes to raiding.

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    we got a undead heal priest ... which gives like taurens zero to nothing for raiding and we finished this tier world 8

    ofc other races are better but in the case of a healer i think its less important than for a dps

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    The racials are not gamebreaking nor should they be looked over. I play a troll shaman, not because of the racial but because I like how the race looks. You will have slightly more throughput if you pick "the best race for your class" but overall I just choose whatever race-class combo I like the best. Unless ofc you are gonna try to get into the world/realm first races then it might be better.

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