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    Game randomly freezes

    Hello, everyone!
    First of all i know that maybe it isn't the right forum section to post this (and the thread might be moved) but i realy don't know what to do with my problem; i will be very thankful to anyone who helps me.
    And so... i got that issue from maybe one and a half month and tried many solutions - the game randomly freezes and the only thing i can do i ctrl+alt+del and close program and log again.

    1. It shows up mainly in pvp environment but 90% of my playtime now is pvp oriented so not sure if the freezing has something with the pvp playing (even though it is possible).
    2. It is often... maybe on 1 to 2 hrs playtime i got that freeze and it is really annoying when i lose arena games because of it. For example: you kill the enemy dps player and when you are about to finish the healer also... you get that freeze and lose around 15 rating. Lost around 190 rating that season because of that issue.
    3. I tried everything - removed most of my addons. Now i have only CLC ret (i play ret also), Gladius, GladiatorsSA, Razer naga bind addon and bartender (i thought that the freeze is caused by the razer addon and dismissed it and got bartender on it`s place but last night i got 3 freezes in 1 and a half hour). All the other addons are tested and it still crashes; except the gladiatorsSA addon. It is not tested how is without it.
    4. I uninstalled and reinstalled the whole game following the bizz's instructions but still last night i got 3 gamebreaking freezes for a short period of time.

    I don't know what to do now because i tried almost everything and i still lose games by this issue. It makes me wanna quit the game. I love to pvp but don't like to lose like this so often.
    Does anyone has/had the same problem as me and what is your solution on it. Every advice is warm welcome.
    Sorry, for my bad english it is not my native language, and again sorry, for the bad thread positioning also.
    Thank you in advance for the help.

    P.S Can you suggest me other pvp sound alerter addon for the enemy cds/cc/and other important spells.

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    For me, the game freeze once every time I run LFR..
    It also freeze from time to time in Flex (maybe one in five runs).

    Apart from that, it NEVER freeze.. Not in Scenarios/5mans.. Not in Normal/Heroic raids.. Not in Open World.. It have been going on since LFR was implemented in Cata.. Both with 32bit and 64bit client..

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    Mine has been doing it from time to time over the past few months. Think it's a computer issue.

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    What kind of a computer issue can cause a freeze of the game world of warcraft and letting you log back in and sometimes to have 2-3 hours of straight gameplay?
    And have you found a fix for yourself, mate?

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