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    Quote Originally Posted by Conestul View Post
    Someone literally just took a picture of this npc in Hellfire and added it as a background, how can you people possibly think this is legit? You are so fucking retarded when it comes to fake images.

    You can even see the green thing behind it, it's above the horde base in Hellfire.
    And how stupid do you think YOU are to actually believe someone else believes it?...
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    Ethereals for alliance? I want to believe

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    So I would kinda like to know where Blizzard said anything about time travel.
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    "Available december 2014".. I'm gonna go with no.

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    Of course it's fake..

    Blizzard would never write "we learned from the past".

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    I thought this was actually hilarious, a change from the people attempting to post ridiculously bad photoshopped images as legit.

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    We get cars in this expansion? Thats pretty cool

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    Quote Originally Posted by PSTBranko View Post
    And how stupid do you think YOU are to actually believe someone else believes it?...
    Not very? Have you seen these forums with the speculation? People are just dribbling imbeciles.

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    lol back to the future.

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    That's not a Mo'arg.
    Curciality isn't a word, I doubt Blizzard would give insta 85s regardless.
    CC is a big part of PvP, why remove it?
    Even Blizzard can think of a better name for a new feature than Time Back.
    Assuming that list of features is from the presentation, it doesn't follow the format of all the other WoW panels. Such as this slide:From Cataclysm

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    HAHA garrosh and anduin id pay to see this movie

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    For some reason that image reminded me of He-Man.


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