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    Quote Originally Posted by Spotnick View Post
    Big surprise there, you got better at this game and can level easily.. who would have thought.

    Leveling is something you do for 1 month over multiple years of game time, it doesn't really matter does it?
    Quote Originally Posted by DPA View Post
    Did the OP not consider that the game today is focused around end game content, and not leveling, which is why leveling happens so fast and is so easy these days?
    Just wondering.
    It's not just about releveling your 3000 character and how dull it is. It's also dull for the newcomer. As I have stated in my previous post, I had a friend come try wow in pandaria with no prior MMO experience. You'd think the game would be new, fun and exciting to try out? No. He was already complaining about how dull the leveling experience was by level 35~.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pancaspe View Post
    Dear OP,

    The more people like you that leave WOW, the better the game will be.
    Doesn't seem like it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Syrith View Post
    What gives you the right to say that OP? That is -your- opinion. Not everyone's.

    The game is fine completely fine. The raiding in vanilla was horrible. And the only ones that can say that is
    the players that actually managed to down all of Naxxramas 40. TBC's raiding was fine but it was pretty linear.

    People keep saying these times were the best but it is completely wrong, see all the new features we've gotten from these two times.
    Without them WoW would be pretty dull. Besides, both Classic and TBC were unbalanced as hell.
    The right of speech. It is my opinion. It's a discussion. I'm not trying to convert anyone.

    Quote Originally Posted by ItcheeBeard View Post
    And yet you feel qualified to speak about what's wrong with it's current state? Get over yourself and play something else. Your wall of text is no different to any other boring bastards.
    Yes, because after playing the game for so many years on and off, I feel that I have enough experience from Cata + Pandaria that nothing much has changed, regardless if I played it for a year or a month.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fenixdown View Post
    No, it seems that more people are willing to post gripes on MMO-Champion. That does not mean more people are dissatisfied. In fact, many of the gripe threads are the same like, five or six people every single week.

    People that are happy with the game don't tend to start topics saying they are happy. However, that said, they will post in threads like yours. I would go on the record as to say in threads just like this, you'll see at least a 50/50 approval rating of MoP's design. Quite possibly higher.
    That's the thing though. It's not only on MMO-C. You can find it everywhere lately. Be it the main forums, fan sites, guild sites. Hell, even sitting in my guilds ventrilo is example enough. I usually don't post, but I felt like I wanted some more light on this topic.

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    Even though TBC remains my favorite expansion, I love Pandaria. Sometimes good things have to leave room for better things, and sometimes changes are for the better. I used to be a much bigger hardcore player, and could easily put 10 hours into the game every day back in TBC, but do I really want that now? No, I feel like I've gotten older, and I've realized that there are more important things apart from the game. I still play it a lot, but I'm also happy that I can walk away and log off whenever I want to, for other things. It's not like in TBC where you really had to spend loads of time if you wanted to gear alts, or do anything.

    I agree with a few things in the OP though, especially dungeons. Back in TBC and to some extent WotLK, you had reasons for continuing doing the daily heroic even when you didn't need gear. Reputation-factions tied to certain dungeons, and/or rewards from the daily hc quest. It's things like these that I really miss.

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    Great post. I agree completely.

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    I never understood these threads, if you don't like wow the way it is now, why don't you play one of the many other mmos out there, I've heard everquest and everquest 2 are hardcore, the new final fantasy apparently has really nonlinear leveling and the secret world looks pretty cool too.

    So if wow is terrible and you don't like it, why are you trying to change it rather that play something else?
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    I think that everyone gets bored at some point and since Blizzcon is just round the corner we are now starting to see the forums explode with complaints and theory crafting. We all know this is part and parcel with the game being nearly 10 years old, new expansion round the corner and the current expansion nearing its end.

    I think MoP is by far the best expansion by having so much that you CAN do, quality of raids has been excellent IMO and the way the lore was told was excellent - I just personally think Im looking for a different style of expansion now.. Legion, South seas or old god stuff... hell gimmie all 3 and I may fall off my chair.

    My enjoyment in the game is being immersed in its lore and everything else follows for me.. Pandaria story telling was great and I did kinda get into the lore but Im more interested in some of the other stories. Looking forward to whatever they hit us with as I think personally we are going to be surprised with quick turn arounds in expansion releases.

    I agree with the OP on the leveling.. I feel like scraping my eyeballs out with a pointy stick with spikes and barbed wire when starting a new toon. I really feel that if you have say 3 or 4 max level toons you should be starting as a hero and possibly select your starting point (like I love TBC content so I would choose 60 - but you may prefer wrath so you choose 70), yeah I know that sounds daft but its certainly better than 1- 60 >.<

    And dungeons... eww I havent done any dungeons for months - not that the MoP dungeons were bad but hell I just dont see the point or rewards in it. I like this idea that seem to have got from Rift (I think) were you can lower your characters level to say a friends level and help out (certainly would making boosting more interesting and old school guilds).

    I read somewhere that someone thought we should get scenarios for leveling and dungeons for max level - Give this guy a job!

    I am thinking that blizzard has saved some ideas for this expansion due to the 10th anniversary.. so lets see what you have up your sleeve chaps!

    On a side note.. BF4 came out at the right time tbh lol... bang bang!

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    Im having good times playing wow at the moment
    with flexible raids, oQue, brawlers and timless for my alts.
    With pet battles, new reputations to grind and a few months to finish this expansion i can't see myself quitting anytime soon.
    Realm-merges going around, dead servers becoming less dead.

    the game is pretty good actually, the only complaint i have at the moment is how many DKs and Warriors i meet in arena :3
    stop trying to make your opinion to be facts when there's those of us who's having fun.

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    If you're bored of lack of progress, try heroic raids! Sense of progress/accomplishment still remains there, and is actually harder than ever before. I agree with the part about levelling and dungeons though, they're useless filler content.
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    I usually skip threads on that very topic altogether. This time, I won't.

    Why? Because I'm about to unsub.

    BC was great. Colorful, the draenei are my favorite race (karma-wise I would say, + lore), Illidan is my favorite villain, Kara, etc. WoLK was awesome. Gameplay, progression, Ulduar, the dark theme, wrathgate...

    Cata. Oh Cata. Such a marvel when it comes to the 5-man instances. I loved those, deeply. Raids, not so much. The freakin' moltenfront grind, absolutely not. The lore, the stupid giant mad dragon. That was terrible. I was once a raider, Cata killed that. I slowly lost interest in the game and stopped playing for a long time till MoP was released.

    And so came MoP. Let's forget about the terrible terrible daily grind a minute. The whole thing was great. A great balance between the, well, cute pandas and the whole "life is to be savored" thing, and the darkness within, the emergence of the shas, the leveling was very well done, Karasang + Four winds quest line with that final, oh that awesome final, the klaxxi, the bell quest line, the world bosses, the farm, pet battles, etc. My only disappointment : 5-man instances. Too easy at start, too few of them, it was all about LFR. Not that I dislike LFR, it pretty much saved the game for me. I mean, I'm no longer able to raid 2 or 3 nights a week, real life, family and stuff that matters more.

    I think Blizzard did a great job with MoP. Some mistakes of course (*cough* dailies *cough*), but a great job overall. So... why am I unsubbing you'll ask.

    The endgame is focused on raids. We have 4 levels of difficulty, pretty much for everyone and every skill level. What else? Dailies in 5.0. 1 quest line + more dailies in 5.1. TK isle in 5.2, with more dailies. Barrens in 5.3, no dailies but a grind. Timeless Isle in 5.4. While the shift from the dailies and grind to the timeless isle open sandbox is very welcome and nice, it is rather thin content-wise. Basically, outside the raids (flexiraids are a great addition btw), I'm out of content. I explored the whole thing, I did everything at least once, I found all the hidden treasures (I loved that hunt, every bit of it) and chests... and I cannot even spend my VP on new shiny pieces of gear. Leveling my warrior? Same old content I saw many, many, too many times. It's not fun any longer.

    Greatness is not enough to keep players playing. It is not enough to keep old players playing. At the moment, even if MoP is great, WoW fails to deliver on the leveling pre-MoP (revamped 5+ years old stuff to start with, eww) and it fails to deliver on the not-raid-endgame. My 7+ years old social guild is dying, my whole realm is dying, people quitting the game in masse. Dedicated raiders are still playing. Casuals are leaving.

    I think WoW is in great need of something different. The leveling is certainly to be revised. I'm not even sure leveling is still relevant. Exploration is, lore is, stories are. But leveling? What about scaling every old-exp to the same level so you can freely move from one zone to another, or finish a zone without outleveling it, or playing with friends of any level in any zone? What about a completely new leveling from 1 to 100 (?) on Draenor, leaving the old content for the lore and exploration? What about dropping the gear grind entirely and adopt a wide skills system you need to train and learn to get better, with an offline progression as well? Player / guild housing, that would be a nice addition for group activities, having fun exploring and finding stuff for the guild hall... The endgame is in great need of new stuff for the non-raiders, something not forcing them in pseudo-raids (lfr) if they don't want to. There is so many great things in other games, and new things to invent. Wow is still the best balanced mmo out there, but many other games are more appealing at the moment.

    Well, I gave a few other games a try over the last few months, I'm playing less and less wow and more and more some other games, and I'm looking forward to play to some games to be released next year with much more excitement than the upcoming expansion to be revealed at blizzcon. I couldn't care less right now really. Different but same stuff all over again.

    Some of my best souvenirs in WoW... The moment I found a way to the dancing trolls village. The moment I said in guild chat "Guys, I'm on top of Ironforge. Beautiful weather, but cold.". The moment I got the Explorer title in the Ghostlands, near the cascade. My first run through Kara. The battle for undercity. I'm getting old I guess.

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    Yeah idd. I wish I had the time. I am really enjoying some random PvP and the odd BG's.
    Hoping to god we get a PVP zone next expansion... it is the only thing that disappointed me in MoP as I loved most other aspects of it.

    I love the rare system and tbh I think they got the dailies spot on for the likes of the the isle of thunder (PvP or PVE) and even enjoy the heroic scenarios.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Destil View Post

    Please tell me you're joking.
    No, mmo champ turned into tyranny of fanb..s thanks to oppressive ..derators

    (Infract/ban inc.)

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    Pvp sucks a fat one but pve is the most fun it's been in a long time. Overall I think wow in its current state is fine. Losing subscribers is never good but even if wow falls to 5mil subs that nearly a billion dollars a year just from the monthly fee.
    Quote Originally Posted by Karragon View Post
    I'd like WoW to be a single player game

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    Agreed but the trolls are actually right when they say that if you don't like, quit. Or at least take breaks and don't buy anything from Blizzard store. Money talks. WoW is losing a lot of subs now and it doesn't matter why.. only thing that matters is that they have to change something soon. My guess is the next expansion if they still want the game to keep the top spot. Even if they make the wrong choices all over again and WoW keeps losing subs it would leave the spot open for anything MMO to take over. Supply vs demand

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nymfomania View Post
    Leveling is why people bot.

    And good post OP

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    Quote Originally Posted by liam78 View Post
    No, mmo champ turned into tyranny of fanb..s thanks to oppressive ..derators

    (Infract/ban inc.)
    what he said..

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    Quote Originally Posted by liam78 View Post
    No, mmo champ turned into tyranny of fanb..s thanks to oppressive ..derators

    (Infract/ban inc.)
    Well your are on the forum wich have the much wow fans, so dont be surprised here.

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    I find myself subbed for 3 - 4 months every 3 - 4 months, Subbed 4 months, Unsubbed 4 months, Subben 4 months etc.

    The reason being i no longer raid and i find that when i have got full gear in lfr there is little else to do, joined a raiding guild and going to raid for the first time since T1 Cata so we shall see what i make of WoW after that.

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    In it's current is still the very best game in the MMORPG Section.

    There are things I don't like. I also take breaks from gaming. But I come back and enjoy it again.

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    I think the problem with the game is everything "feels" the same. 1-90 dungeons are comprised of chain pulls and tank and spank boss fights. It's literally the same thing with different artwork and level design all the way through... The gameplay "feels" the same. I'm rarely in fear of dying or feel the need to actually think about what I'm doing at all...

    Raids are not much different, at least LFR... I don't have the motivation or time to do anything outside of LFR personally, although I love the challenge of harder content, there are way more cons to me just getting involved in the requirements to raid outside LFR. It requires fair more effort to setup, etc, than I have motivation to give in all honesty and I think its a widely held feeling. Which sucks because gameplay-wise LFR is fairly bad/mind numbing, but it's far more convenient.

    Overall what I feel the game is missing is the feeling being in a living, breathing world. It's become a "theme park" and I feel it's killed the immersion of it, because of that fact. What was cool to me was feeling like the computer was a gateway into this awesome world. Where "this guy" or "this npc" is this powerful because that's how powerful they are in this world, which I feel Vanilla captured well, even BC. Having the feeling you're watching events unfold in this world, not just "ok its time to release this, then this, so lets make it magically appear or give a dumb reason for it."

    Lets face it... The game, even the company, started to go downhill in a lot of ways when Activision acquired them and they started trying to appeal to more people. They lost what made them great by watering down, what people really liked about them, in an attempt to appeal to more people. Which I think is safe to say, has backfired.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tumppu View Post
    Any game I deem "pretty horrible", I uninstall/unsub.
    Not that easy to watch your once favorite game being torned apart while every other game of the same genre is just pure garbage.

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    Couldn't agree with the op anymore. The real reason the game loses so many subs is because when the old loyal players quit there are no new loyal customers joining. Hitting 90 in a month and immediately full clearing the current raid in LFR doesn't create a loyal player, it creates another lost sub because the player has nothing else to do inside the game.

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