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    Quick 2 questions, pls


    I'm kinda a PvP player, but would like to experience some raiding ofc

    So I'll get straight to the point:

    1) Is full (or close to full) Grievous viable for raiding?

    2) If not, where should I look to get gear for Raids?

    I'm gonna google more, but since I'm at work , quick answers to this will help me a lot (and my curiosity )

    Thank you in advance

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    In raiding, PvP gear equals in power PvE gear of same item level.

    So, full Grievous is slightly under desired level for Normal SoO, but should be fine for Flex (at least first 3 parts), and definitely no problem for LFR. However, many people have intense dislike for PvP-geared people and can try to kick you for no reason, be warned.

    My first advice would be running through all the LFR instances to get familiar with mechanics of raids, and to get into PvE flow. You might also get some gear.
    After that you should try to find Flex SoO run on Openraid/oQueue. Flex is a good place to start.

    Gear sources:
    - Crafted gear if you can afford it. 553 Pants/Belt, 522 Feet/Helmet
    - Burden of Eternity from Timeless Isle gives 535 items. There are two guaranteed burdens you can get, one from specific Chest and one from Shaohao Honored. They can also sometimes drop, and can be bought for 50k Timeless Coins.
    - World Bosses - Nalak, Oondasta, Celestials. Since you PvP, you most likely don't have Legendary Cloak, so you can't do Ordos.
    - SoO LFR drops 528. SoO Flex drops 540.
    - You could probably buy 522 trinket for valor points to replace PvP one, but other than that save valor to upgrade good drops rather than to buy gear
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    Tyvm for a detailed answer.

    I will read up on fights and try for some Flex (w or w/o oQueue).


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    1- first quarter of normal SoO is made around ilvl 520-525, so your gear level should be fine.
    2- lfr/flex/farming coins for burdens

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    It depends how what kind of raiding experience you are after.

    If you honestly just want to "experience raiding" then LFR is your answer. If the chaos becomes too much and you want something more challenging and structured, that's where Flex comes in. You can use sites like Open Raid and oQueue to find some good flex pug's. Joining a normal raiding guild would really require you to get a full set of pve gear from your lfr/flex runs.

    To be honest, just start out with LFR/Flex and see how you get on.

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    I've done SoO LFR with my War and Rogue, so just wanted to share my experience.

    First thing that I notice, as someone who got back to WoW after a long period is: People have no patience!

    Bad things:
    - People moaning it's taking so long, hurrying others, saying it's all too easy bla bla and them going WTF as we wipe after 30 sec on the first FLaming "boulder" on Garosh. I mean, some people were there the first time, what did you expect lol.

    Actually, now that I think about it, no patience from some is almost the only bad thing in LFR. Sure, people sometimes screw up, but I think it's a bit more due to lack of explaining.
    Oh and, you can read all you want, even watch videos, but nothing beats experience as the flaming shit rolls over you for the first time lol XD I still think this is the best way to avoid it in the future

    All in all, 1-3 wipes per boss is expected, depending on how many people know the mechanics. As for the inpatient people, I truly hope you dont get any (gl with that).

    Once you know the fights, it's pretty easy (LFR, that is). I mean, I (lol) explained the Garosh fight to the group last night and somehow, after inpatient people left, we got it on the 3rd try. Still not sure how as I also thought it'll be tough with this group

    Anyway, I hope people stop being so impatient and play. You can't get everything in frickin 5 min, chill lol xD

    And I really have to work on my rogue DPS lol XD

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