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I know you know and to each his own but there is really, reeeaaally no need to kill the axes in P2. When you come down at the start of P2, start on your mark from P1 and just move with each weapon slightly to the side, leaving them up. When you come down again, start on the other marker (if you did left previously, do right now) and do the same thing. We go outward around the edge of the room on that side, so when P3 comes the ENTIRE center of the room is open and there is *plenty* of room.

The absolute only reason I see to kill weapons is if your DPS is low and you will have too many to deal with, but I highly doubt that is the problem. Why do you kill them? I'm curious. Is it trouble with placement or is it a "let's just be safe" kinda thing?
it's a placement thing where people would run left rather than us all going right like we're supposed to getting split by axes then someone getting mced right after being in the middle of no where with the raid being else where. so we decided just nuke em the locks havoc them hitting both the axes and the boss while everyone else drops dots