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    Mate. I want you go back to main page and READ.
    New season. Fun times.

    " Who would of thought a small kid from Aberdeen, Washington, who was always labelled a B+ player, who would of thought that guy could of main evented Wrestlemania? Nobody. Nobody except guys."

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    Doesn't the fact that he only has 3 posts tell u something?

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    misleading title
    NEXT movie implies there was a first movie
    Be feared, or be fuel

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    Silly you! In the movie Collin Farell will be playing a struggling bank orc-alt trying to get a foot in the herb-market while being harassed by an evil gnome rogue named suckmaballz who is after him since Collin(OrkUrukai) forgot to invite him to a raid (they used to be guild mates).

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