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  • LFR

    29 21.80%
  • Flex

    1 0.75%
  • Normal/Heroic Raids

    1 0.75%
  • Normal/Heroic 5-mans

    16 12.03%
  • Leveling

    15 11.28%
  • Crafting

    55 41.35%
  • Other

    16 12.03%
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    Torn between crating and reforging, but chose crafting because profs with procs or on-use effects like Tailoring and Engineering usually are above the rest since you can combo them with your own CDs for more burst DPS as that's the most effective way with CDs. I doubt people would rather have X% passive extra haste compared to Bloodlust. Either make them all identical or remove them entirely.

    Reforging is just an annoying mathy gold sink. Get a WF weapon with hit after dropping a ToT nonTF weapon witout? Yeah that's a huge upgrade, but a real pain if you get it off the first boss in your raidnight and have to go to the shrine to reforge all your gear again, and of course gemming/enchanting, but that's not as bad as reforging.
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    He's telling you upfront what's going to take. It's not ninja looting. It's pirate looting! YAARRRR!!!

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    LFR. Crafting will change.. you level it and use it a bit for gear. LFR will still continue to suck ass.

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