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Normal day on the forums: "damn, I have a wife and kids now, can't play nearly as much as I used to, super-casual now, why is everything so grindy?"
Technical hiccup day: "mah gawd, I haven't been able to log in for 3 minutes, where's my refund"
Typical Day on the forums: "I have a question and was wondering if someone could answer it"
Opportunity: "I've got over 5k posts in less than 10 years, I should step up and be a fucking asshole and make someone else leave the game. I'm such a clever douche, I amuse myself."

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I logged in fine tonight, I play on Illidan US. Could these be the servers that are apart of Connected Realms.
It's all working great this morning. It even claimed all 3 of my characters were still logged in. I tried each one once last night, and said screw it and went and watched tv. I would have played, but there is other shit I can do. Not gonna sit and lose my mind over a video game lol. Oh, btw, am on Blade's Edge and we are not connected to anyone. Not really sure what the issue was.