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    My new computer with Windows 8 (i know, I know, most gamers don't like it) doesn't seem to enjoy cooperating with SimCraft. So since I cannot sim it myself, i'm opening my question up to the public.

    I currently have the flexible mace off of shamans and obtained the normal dagger (crit / hit) off paragons last night to prevent it from DE. Does the 1400sp increase justify the lose of 2% mastery / .70% haste (bringing me below my comfortable level of 33% haste).

    I can't link anything yet but my character is Epistate on Mal'Ganis. I'm really only looking for an opinion but if anyone would fancy a sim, i'd appreciate that as well.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I also want to ask what every sees their lava surge uptime as? I hover around ~15% on any given fight and I feel like given mechanic switchs, target switchs, and everything else considered that isn't too, too high? Not sure if that is something I should improve on.

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    You do not need a sim here. The spellpower gain is such high that it renders the answer obvious. Usually any weapon upgrade even with sub-optimal secondary stats is worth the change.

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    Here's why:

    Intellect does two things, it gives you Spell Power at a 1:1 ratio, and crit to some other smaller ratio.

    So basically, when you see 1400 sp gain, imagine its 1400 intellect, as it almost is. Thats a pretty substantial gain, especially in light with whether you want crit or haste.

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