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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyonis View Post
    Good, then I may consider getting it. 40 dollar for watching at a specific time is too much for me. For watching at a later time, it's still much, but better.
    Yes, according to the FAQ:
    "On-Demand Replays - Miss an epic revelation during a World of Warcraft developer discussion? Does one of your can’t-miss Diablo panels conflict with a must-see StarCraft II match? No problem—with the Virtual Ticket, every channel will be available to view on demand, so you can check out any action you missed."

    and if I recall correctly, it is for up to two weeks after the event ends.

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    Considering what it costs to attend the event in person I'm totally fine with paying $40 to watch it online.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cerus View Post
    THEY DONT PROFIT FROM BLIZZCON! God people, if you're going to keep this thread going at least get your damn facts straight.
    To don't or barely break even on Tickets doesn't mean the event isn't profitable as a whole for the company.

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    hmm let wow be F2P ! ohhh

    to be honest? its not so expensive, everyone can get this amount of money, especialy if you know that blizzcon will happen in few months.
    Just tell me how much you (gous who are talking its expensive) throw out money... in alcohol, cigarrets, different stuff that u DON'T need!

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    Everyone is just used to getting streams and video content for free.

    This is a pay per view special really.

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    Quote Originally Posted by uiemad View Post
    See this is weird to me. I went to Blizzcon 2 years in a row and even when I was there I didn't go to any panels or anything. All I ever really did was go tot he meetups and play the games that weren't out yet. Why go to a panel when I can get all the same information much quicker by reading a shortened transcription?
    Because everyones different? And enjoys different things? It's ok to like something and think its worth the money, just like it's ok to not like something and not think its worth money and all the inbetweens

    I li8ve in Scotland, I won't get the chance to go to Blizzcon in person, the VT is the next best thing, we get to see everything as its happening, watch all the panels because we enjoy them, and relax at home doing so. win win.

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    No, it is not too expensive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crakerjack View Post
    Idk most people are surprised by this... Blizzcon was never free. There was always a price for the stream, it just wasn't ever 40 bucks. I'm not surprised though. WoW has been on the decline for a while, the company isn't just blizzard, it's activision blizzard so of course activision has been influencing a couple decisions on pricing.
    Wrong. It first started a few cons back (2008) with DirecTV @39.99 - no Internet stream. Then the next con had DTV and added the stream - both @39.99. The price has never changed except DTVs price went up this year.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lansworthy
    Deathwing will come and go RAWR RAWR IM A DWAGON
    Quote Originally Posted by DirtyCasual View Post
    There's no point in saying this, even if you slap them upside down and inside out with the truth, the tin foil hat brigade will continue to believe the opposite.

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    THEY DONT PROFIT FROM BLIZZCON! God people, if you're going to keep this thread going at least get your damn facts straight.
    The same article that talks about them losing money also states that they sold 20,000 tickets for $120 each. That is $2.4 million right there. The article also states that they sold hundreds of thousands worth of merchandise. There is no reason they have to be losing money on Blizzcon. Maybe they shouldn't waste money bringing in ozzy osbourne or blink 182.

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    It's far less than I've paid for most pets, by like orders of magnitude.

    Wait there's a stream?
    Quote Originally Posted by Tojara View Post
    Look Batman really isn't an accurate source by any means
    Quote Originally Posted by Hooked View Post
    It is a fact, not just something I made up.

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    I don't mind paying 25 quid, anything more they can fuck off, even if it's by a penny.

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    tbh i think its a joke....
    cat sleeps on mousepad...

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    Dont fint it to expensive. As I see it, im getting alot of good content to watch this weekend! Also, as I understand it, I can watch stuff later on. So if I miss anything I can go back and watch whatever I miss! Meaning I can, if I really want, get to see everything blizzard has to offer I believe it will be up 1 or 2 weeks after blizzcon(?).

    I REALLY want to attend Blizzcon. Since I live in Norway, that would cost alot more than the ticket into blizzcon. Will save money for next Blizzcon though and try to get a ticket

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    It's not even that expensive for the amount of content you're getting. Blizzard has said that they're already losing money on Blizzcon and now you want them to lose more just because some hobo can't afford it? Pfff...

    Someone is going to upload it on YouTube soon after anyway, so if you can't afford it just wait.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cerus View Post
    THEY DONT PROFIT FROM BLIZZCON! God people, if you're going to keep this thread going at least get your damn facts straight.
    Blizzcon is an advert. You are naive.

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    40$ plus my weekend? yes its expensive.

    I don't believe I'll have enough time during the weekend to watch blizzcon even though I'd like too. 40$ makes it pricy if I only get to watch 1-2 hour each day of it

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    Quote Originally Posted by segoplout View Post
    Blizzcon is an advert. You are naive.
    That can still mean the actual event after money gained from tickets and onfloor sales means a loss.
    In the long run its likely to turn em a profit but Blizzcon as an event is prolly a moneysink.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cerus View Post
    THEY DONT PROFIT FROM BLIZZCON! God people, if you're going to keep this thread going at least get your damn facts straight.
    Is there a source for this? I know they didn't make a profit years ago before they started the stream and introduced a load more sponsors, but I'm not entirely sure if that's the case anymore.

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    I was happy to buy it. Then I can see for myself what's happening. Instead of relying on others that have bought the stream. Damn, your attitudes.. MMO-C shouldn't post anything about the future updates just to spite you all. If your unhappy to pay the price, you don't deserve the information. Its a sneak peak at development, not an advert. The adverts hit TV around release, Blizzcon is a information overload for people bothered enough to part with a little bit of money. They don't owe you anything so stop speaking as if they do.

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    wow this thread got long..anyway I would like to address what you asked about the blizzcon virtual ticket being expensive. I personally think it is fine as many others do. Although looking at a lot of the responses from the people who want it to be split up and have the items put up on the store...(I like the idea of the items being put up on the store) I have to say, I don't think they should put the items on the store simply because those items are your honor, so to speak, for joining everyone at blizzcon.

    I am surprised that anyone is complaining about it at all. I mean they are giving 2 full days of entertainment news and items for $40. Which far and wide is better then what the movie industry does to us. If you have never gone to the movies then I totally understand why you would find this expensive. But those of us who do, either with friends, and/or girlfriends/wives we know of the ass-raping that the movie industry gives us. Why? because you pay $10 a pop to watch a movie you only get to see once and only for 2-4 hrs. that's it. You can't go back and watch it again, you can't replay it, you can't record it(legally, and for personal use only). That's all you get for $10 dollars a person. At least with blizzcon you can watch, replay, get items, record for personal use or to share later if you wanted, you can watch it later if you wanted since it stays up for quite some time. How do we allow this? and at the same time bitch about a game company charging $40 for two full days of entertainment.
    These are all the perks you get from purchasing the virtual ticket. However if you just wanted to see the opening cinematic, you can, for free I believe. I remember reading that the open ceremony would be streamed free. Which honestly is not something they have to do but do because they are awesome like that. And they want everyone to enjoy their unveiling weather you can pay for it or not.

    I really don't think they should try to make blizzcon more complicated then it needs to be by trying to add many different streams or payment options, though I am sure that would make a lot of people happy, its unnecessary to be honest. As many people have stated you can easily watch what you want in 1 or 2 days after blizzcon since everyone streams or blogs what they are hearing and seeing. If not during the convention itself. Maybe its a missed opportunity for them at some level since they could get more people to watch but I get the feeling they really don't want to try to make it more complicated then it already is to manage blizzcon and the virtual ticket. (side note: beta giveaway would be a mess, though maybe they could do the same thing that they did before with the annual pass)

    Its okay if you find it expensive to pay for it. Some people find going to the movies or out at all expensive and therefore do not do so. They chill at home and watch movies that they have or engage in other activities that they can afford. Not everyone is going to want to pay for Blizzcon and that is okay, there is nothing wrong with not wanting to pay for it. But the question weather or not it is too expensive? well, that depends on each individual person. However from industry standards it is not expensive at all. Most people would be happy to pay to take part of the live stream.

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