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    Cant decide which class to play. Damnit!

    I keep making new characters and leveling random stuff, deleting it, and pretty much going on a loop. I've only gotten to level 18(!) which was on a Elementalist, before I realized how boring they are.

    Tried them all. Guardian seems fun, but everyone keeps saying the suck at damage at 80 and all that jumbojumbo. Tried warrior, fine enough but is a bit dull. Ranger, again a bit dull, everyone says they suck as well. I mean, which class doesn't suck? Engineer is horribly boring, Mesmer and Necro is fine but..

    Argh. What's wrong with me. Could it be that it's the first few levels that are horrible? I heard stuff is cool at 50 and above. Well. That's a long time.

    What can one do to stick to one class? I really want to play a Warrior or a Guardian to be honest. I just dont understand why I cant stick with one. Argh. Someone kill me.

    Otherwise the game is pretty fun though. I hope there is stuff to do at max level as there is while leveling. First game where I actually enjoy leveling. Specially personal story. Good stuff.

    Rant thread, more or less. Oh well.

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    Play with a friend! It gets a bit better with someone else. A big draw (or drawback, depending on who you ask) is that the game is much more enjoyable with people. Forget what people say, avoid the official forums - according to them, every class is OP, every class is useless and you should uninstall the game.

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    This thread might give you an indication of what playstyle you'll like:

    One thing you can do to see if you like how a class plays at max level is roll a new toon and take it to the Heart of the Mists (pvp lobby - crossed sword icon). There you are boosted to 80 with all of your traits and skills unlocked with free access to all the weapons, runes, sigils, stat amulets, etc. You can test it out on the target golems or profession golems, there's even a boss in there. You could also jump into a hot join PvP match if you want to, but you don't have to PvP there if you're not interested.

    When you leave the Mists you are returned to your true level. You can exit the portal to go to Lion's Arch or use the crossed sword icon again to return to where you were in game. It's also a great place to test out builds for anyone before investing time or gold into a build.
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    You found the Elementalist boring?

    Anyway, one way to find out how a class can really perform is to go to the heart of the mists. Your character will be level 80 with all traits, weapons and gear available. And then you can fight the NPC's there and see for yourself how each class plays (plus the ability to change your build and weapon setups).

    Edit: Karizee ninja'd my post but yeah, go to the heart of the mists

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    Many classes have weaker starts. Really, all of the light armor wearers are kind of punished early on, moreso than the heavies and even mediums in some cases. Have you tried different weapon combos? Those can really change the playstyle, especially mixing and swapping between where appropriate.

    The best thing to do is find what YOU like and stick to it. This isn't WoW, you're not gonna be subject to DPS meters. Working with others and obeying mechanics is what wins organized group battles, not tunnelvision AMG TEH DEEPSNUMBAHZ bullshit.

    As for 'suck', that's a highly subjective term. Always remember this argument of PvP balance: 'I'm Paper, Nerf Scissors, Rock is Fine.' Nine times out of ten, that's what it'll boil down to.

    And yes, playing with others is generally a good idea. If you don't feel the game is challenging enough, try harder content. If you feel it's frustrating, or you don't wanna go it alone, get into some group farming. There's usually a champ train running in Queensdale that you can ride along with and blow up some bigger mobs for loot. Also, be sure and do the low-end world bosses, like the Shadow Behemoth, Svanir Shaman, Great Jungle Wurm and the Fire Elemental.

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    We have an excellent thread wherein one can ask this sort of question or perhaps come to an idea of what they want before then;


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