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    Would lore influence what race you play? Yes, but it's not the most improtnat factor, it certainly decides who I don't play.
    What sub-race you would pick (if they become available): Yes, I would not play Zandalari if they became avail
    what Class you choose: Yes, I loved Mage, Druid and Hunter in lore, hated Warlocks. I would instantly roll a Broken Rogue if the sub-race became avaail.
    What faction you pick: at first yes, now no. It does influence what faction I like though
    What Areas you quest in: without a doubt.
    Whether you keep playing wow: not really, lore is turning me off the game, it's really rubbish compared to Wc3 days

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    What do the numbers signify?
    5 most important, 1 least important .. at least that's how I voted:
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    I base a lot of my gameplay off of lore. I like to immerse myself privately in my character (I RP with myself). I pay attention to everything around me read the quests and be apart with the story. This is one of the biggest reasons why I love to raid. I am the hero in this story. Fighting side by side with main characters is awesome. It's like being apart of a great book. If WoW didn't have lore or as good as it is now I don't think it would be nearly as big as is now.

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    Warcraft lore is what made people interested in Warcraft and why people stuck around and are so loyal when there were (prior to WoW) lots of many different alternatives.


    Would lore influence what race you play? A little bit

    What sub-race you would pick (if they become available)?

    Probably a high elf or a broken

    what Class you choose


    What faction you pick


    What Areas you quest in


    Whether you keep playing wow

    yes, main reason

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    I don't follow lore, I didn't play the RTS games, and I don't read the books or comics or anything.

    Lore is important to me as far as a good storyline. I like for cool background to bosses, for an interesting theme to the expansion, for evocative events and exciting questlines. Story has influence on where I quest and, to a lesser degree, what factions and races I enjoy the most. I like when major events happen in-game and not outside in a stupid book (what happened to Cairne, guys?).

    But as far as following lore in terms of major characters or history or whatever, I don't, and I don't care about if lore is new or old or whatever, as long as it is an interesting vehicle for the game.
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    Not entirely, but I fit the class to the race. I'm not playing a Tauren or goblin deathknight. Human Orc or elf yes.
    Wild hammer Dwarf
    No, mostly just the appearance of the zone or if my last alt leveled there
    Yes. If they add undead paladins, warlock spacegoats or gnome Druids (what the hell) then I will quit. That isn't bending lore, it is smashing it with a hammer

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    I picked 3 because I am kinda interested why I kill some boss or how did he become that etc. But it doesn't influence my choices or char customization.

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    Would lore influence what race you play? Not really, I pick my race based on their looks and animations.
    What sub-race you would pick (if they become available)? Don't know what all the sub-races would be apart from the Wildhammer Dwarves,Mag'har Orcs and so on so can't really answer that properly yet. Although if High Elves became a sub-race rather than stand alone race I'd definitely pick that.
    What class you choose? Nope, I pick classes based on what I don't have or the one I find fun the most.
    What faction you pick? Nope, I play both Alliance and Horde and I follow both stories closely.
    What Areas you quest in? Sometimes, but I usually quest in the zones I've done the least amount of times.
    Whether you keep playing wow? Definitely no, I'd continue playing WoW even if they completely butchered the lore, it's nothing more than a nice bonus to the game experience.

    But overall Lore is quite important to me, I feel like it's what makes the game feel alive and I'm a huge fan of the Warcraft story.

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    Would lore influence what race you play? => Yes
    What sub-race you would pick (if they become available) => Yes
    what Class you choose => No
    What faction you pick => Yes
    What Areas you quest in => Yes
    Whether you keep playing wow => I came back to WoW in MoP only for the lore, so, yes, totally

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haven View Post
    Absolutely, I play games for stories, for the most part. I love Forsaken and good old Eastern Kingdoms' lore. That's why I'm not playing this panda shit.
    All I can say is... lol...

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    Lore means absolutely nothing to me

    Would lore influence what race you play? Nope
    What sub-race you would pick (if they become available)? Don't care if they add sub races or not, don't know anything about them so can't choose one anyway
    what Class you choose? Nope, I tried out a few classes and went with the one I liked the feel of best
    What faction you pick? Nope, chose that to be with the people who encouraged me to try WoW
    What Areas you quest in? Nope I quest where the questing is good
    Whether you keep playing wow? Again nope

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    All of them absolutely yes and it's probably a good reason why I'm not currently playing, well not just what they've done to the lore, but the story and how we interact with it and also what they did do to the world in cata.

    I should add, I've always wanted to play high elves on the alliance and in terms of half races I would love to see broken (shaman), mag'har and mok'nathal. I would definitely be down to play a half orc/half ogre. I don't RP, but I do rp in my mind when I'm playing to an extent. What I mean is, I'll pick a class/race combo that's very stereotypical and then I will choose to be involved with those zones and quests directly relevant to that combo, even going out of my way to do so. It can be very disappointing to see certain story lines not evolve or be finished outside of the game by other players (books/comics, etc.) and it can be frustrating to be in a world that you don't feel involved with (draenei) or be adventuring off in who knows where while your home zones are in a state of destruction or attack. You kind of feel like you should be working towards that, but it seems like the higher level you are the more detached you are from your character's personal lore. Shame. My favorite times are the early levels as a result, although I must admit BC was like a whole new adventure and WOTLK did feel in some ways necessary. In both cases we were fighting off forces that were threatening all of us and wrapping up WC3 storylines.
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    I wouldn't play without the lore.
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    Would lore influence what race you play?
    What sub-race you would pick (if they become available)
    what Class you choose

    Race is chosen primarily via aesthetic. I got lucky, Draenei look adorable and have lore I can identify with. :P
    Class is chosen by kit / feel. Lore has little to do with it.

    What faction you pick
    What Areas you quest in
    Whether you keep playing wow
    Very much so, it is not just lore, but also the feeling.
    Horde just doesn't feel right for me.

    Would it tempt you enough to role play (if you didn't already)?
    I do, but RP is almost dead so I do it VERY rarely.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zarry
    A game with no lore is a game with no soul.. I love wow's lore..
    Couldn't have put it any better. main reason why TERA failed for me.
    Lovely women and lots of skimpy armor aren't enough if there isn't an engaging storyline making you curious and driving you forward.
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    I only care about lore enough to give me a reason to be playing, I need a story to compel me. However, I believe lore should have no bearing on game mechanics; things like restricting classes based on lore reasons are stupid, IMO

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    Of course. I mostly play the Draenei because I like trying to relate to them. They were hunted for a really long time, but would always try to remain righteous and in good spirits. I have also leveled a Troll, an Undead and a Blood Elf to work my way through the Horde storylines about Kalimdor and Lordaeron.
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    I'm flexible when it comes to any lore as long as it relates to the "Warcraft" feel.

    The start of MoP did not feel like "Warcraft" feels at first. But Patch 5.3 and 5.4 kind of restored that "Warcraft" feeling now that we are moving away from all that panda mumbo jumbo.

    Every other xpac (including Cata to a smaller extent) kept that "Warcraft" feels going.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ravenmoon View Post
    Does the lore really matter to you, and how much?

    Would lore influence what race you play?
    What sub-race you would pick (if they become available)
    what Class you choose
    What faction you pick
    What Areas you quest in
    Whether you keep playing wow

    EDIT add;
    Would it tempt you enough to role play (if you didn't already)?
    1: Yes, I love the Blood Elves story. I only play the blood elves. I do have some races of other classes but only because those classes cant be blood elves
    2: Well the Blood Elves can be considered a sub-race. But I would make a wretched if they gave them to us. I have a lore character who turned into one.
    3: Yes, I play a monk. He is a lore combination from my Death Knight and Paladin after they died in cataclysm.
    4: Horde, always horde. Even warcraft 2 and 3 I played mainly the horde campaigns. WoWTCG I played horde heroes.
    5: Always quest in horde heavy zones with good lore.
    6: I will always play WoW as long as the story keeps me intrigued.

    As a side note about my own characters lore: No I dont play on an RPG server, but I still make a story for my characters.

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    1.Yes, but its only a single factor in determining the race id choose.
    2.Yes, High elf and wildhammer dwarf for alliance. Forest troll and Mag'har for horde.
    3. Hunter always interested me, its the first class I play in any game or something similar to it. Druid, rogue and warrior also have interesting lore behind them... but im horrid with those classes :S.
    4. Definitely. I wont play the faction unless I can picture myself as being apart of said faction.
    5. Not so much. Ill go anywhere that catches my interest, lore or not.
    6. Yes. I cant focus on the game if there isnt an interesting story.
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    Definitely, though i will play if the game is still fun even if the lores meh. 4/5. If they completely butchered the lore like saying all the things up till now are changed i may be out.

    All of them yes, but i will still play wow if its fun as long as they dont mess the lore up too bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ravenmoon View Post
    Does the lore really matter to you, and how much?

    Would lore influence what race you play?
    What sub-race you would pick (if they become available)
    what Class you choose
    What faction you pick
    What Areas you quest in
    Whether you keep playing wow

    EDIT add;
    Would it tempt you enough to role play (if you didn't already)?
    Midway between caring and not caring. Some parts interest me, other parts... eh.

    It doesn't really influence what race I play, but I care more about the lore of the races I like playing after I've gotten hooked on them. Beforehand, no so much. Doesn't rally influence the rest of that much. I like what there is behind notable Rogues and is the class I play most of the time, but it's not a class with much lore.

    I don't think I could get myself to role play in a serious way like actual RPers do... or how I assume they do. I do find it amusing sometimes though to speak sometimes in the way I imagine my Belf would, but that's generally just in playing around.

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