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    It matters a little bit to me, but not as much as the actual gameplay.

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    Lore style doesn't really matter to me, as in I usually don't mind us fighting enemy x in y or enemy a in b (although I do admit that I have preferences). Presentation of lore does matter to me. I typically don't care where we go, who we meet, or who we fight as long as both the lore and gameplay is a fun and interesting thing to take part of.

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    I'm not sure what the numbers mean in your poll so I didn't pick one? Anyway, I do RP, I spend more time at that than almost any other in-game activity. Lore does matter to me, a lot, and that's why the lack of story progress for Alliance bothers me so much. I've always liked the draenei and it's so difficult to progress a personal story when it hasn't advanced in how many years -- six? I've lost count.

    It also doesn't sit well with me that so much of the lore is represented out of the game. Why isn't Ashenvale phased?
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    Does the lore really matter to you, and how much?

    Would lore influence what race you play? No, looks and animation.
    What sub-race you would pick (if they become available) -As above
    what Class you choose - No,gameplay would come first.
    What faction you pick - No, out of all, this is the closest, but it would be based on what friends played, what I liked in style, models etc.
    What Areas you quest in - No, again, gameplay comes first.
    Whether you keep playing wow - No, once again, gameplay.

    Edit: That said, I love the lore, read about it, watch videos, follow some of it when I can, but it doesn't influence my playstyle in the slightest, it does influence my enjoyment of the game by improving it by having a decent story.
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    It matters, but not to the extent that I wouldn't play a class / race because of it.

    In-game lore delivery still has quite a way to go, I really do wish they'd have taken a page out of Skyrims book (see what I did there) as far as being able to collect and store lore to read later.
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    I always found it funny that people found RPing on a Roleplaying game weird

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    I really enjoy the lore, but I'm not against bending it for better game play. I voted for 3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ravenmoon View Post
    Would lore influence what race you play?
    What sub-race you would pick (if they become available)
    what Class you choose
    What faction you pick
    What Areas you quest in
    Whether you keep playing wow
    1. Yes!
    2. Yes! I would play High elves!
    3. Yes, but it also depends on how the class is played. I like DPS more than healing or tanking.
    4. Yes!
    5. Yes! I like questing zones that provide a lot of lore and rich hi
    6. Yes! Lore is a big deal to me, and if Blizzard starts making half-baked reasonings for certain illogical routes, it would probably be enough for me to go look for another MMO.

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    Lore in general is one of the caveats to a great game for me. I find it hard to feel immersed if the story is bland, and even worse if the "lore" behind it is weak or riddled with holes.

    Warcraft lore was a big deal for me ever since Orcs and Humans, but for WoW it was only immersive until Cata came out.

    Ignoring the whole "lolwrath" gameplay and design choices debate, the story and lore of WoW was very consistent to its roots ( "spacegoats" arguable ), namely the rich continuation of Warcraft 3. I felt though, that once cata was in creation, that blizzard went too far into the generic fantasy story route (Needed more Dragons, world coming to an end, genies, overly cliche adventures, etc.); it felt way too much like a Hollywood Film: The Game.

    Mists didnt change that for me either, with the ENTIRE Asian theme going. Everywhere i went, it was the most cliche stereotypical scenario of any Chinese action "historical" film. "oh those craaaaazy monkies" " fish.....MOAR FISH!" "Greens and reds....lots of greens and reds." "drunken *pandas* ....lazy drunken pandas....too prideful drunken pandas...etc." . Thats the jist of it for me. It became less and less "Warcraft" lore related, and more about cramming in "relate-able" themes to get people interested into the game and give them that "oooh! i know what thats from!" feeling. I just skip through quest text now....its very uninteresting to me.

    I suppose my answer is more about the originality and strength of the lore, and less about just how much lore it has. If the lore fits the game's roots , or evolves from it wisely, then its important to me. If its just there for the sake of making a backstory or to incite interest without substance, then its not important to me. A game should be really fun to play, or really fun to read; seldom to they both stand on equal ground.

    Its like with movies; you make a compelling story, or an entertaining one, you dont try for both. You cant make Shawshank Redemption with Michael Bay special effects, without sacrificing something.

    If i dont feel enriched in something, my interest just fades rapidly. I would much rather be told a great story, than to see a great magic trick, and even less would i want to watch a magic trick thats trying to tell a story. I think thats why i dont care for musicals much, its too distracting from the story; and yet Operas are just fine..or at least not nearly as bad.


    Great writing makes for great gaming, where as lazy / cheap / easy storytelling makes for a cheapened experience. I dont find WoW lore to be getting more enriching as the years go, more like quite the opposite, like most games these days.

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    My answer is a big NO to all of them :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xami View Post
    My answer is a big NO to all of them :P
    why? i remember 5 years ago a lot of people would have been in your camp, things have sure turned around since Cata. or maybe these forum users just care more

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    without a lore it would be yet another generic mmo, that I can't ever get to.
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    Lore is important, but the quality of the raids is most important.

    You could have great lore, but boring boss fights and I would probably quit.

    You could have crap lore and great boss fights and I would play.

    I do love WoW lore, but the only thing that keeps me playing week in, week out, is raids.

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    Yes, one of the things i love about the warcraft universe is the stories, and i wouldn't be playing if they stopped caring

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    Lore effects what race/class combos i play, what i transmog into, what areas i enjoy question in, and without a doubt if i keep playing the game or not. Lore is what made me come back after not playing MoP at all, with SoO gaining my interest.
    I'd love to play the real Warcraft RPG, but not ingame WoW RP. Sadly i cant find a group to play the RPG with, but i think it'd give me alot more freedom when playing.
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    Lore hasn't been Blizzard's priority in awhile, and it shows.
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    Lore matters a lot. It's the glue that ties the many disparate game mechanics and mini-games and allows me to actually enjoy the game and to want to see what'll come next.

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    Gameplay > Lore for me. I would rather have all race/class combos unlocked and play what I want and how I want. It is mildly important for some stories, but it is not what drives my playtime.

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    500+ days playtime, 0 interest in lore. Play to have fun with mates and kill stuff. I dont care who did what to who and when and how bad this was and that was because someone did a fart in their hand and made someone smell it and they feinted and they started a war because of the fart and 1000s died in the process.. (no punctuation on purpose).

    0 interest. I play to have fun, the npcs and their history mean nothing to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zarry View Post
    A game with no lore is a game with no soul.. I love wow's lore..
    That's what I think of the game Rift. I have played it a lot over the years, but what keeps me coming back to WoW is the lore (and the 6 year investment). In Rift, We have the Faceless Man and Asha Catari, I really have no clue about any other NPCs. That's quite sad.

    Speaking on your last question "Whether you keep playing wow", this is a juicy 'yes' in as far as if the new expansion has us go back to kill Grom or ensure that he dies or anything related to that, I'd be done with this game. It's essentially the World of Alliancecraft anyways. My loss wouldn't have an impact, but i'd assuredly take 5 people with me lol.

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