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    Heroes of the Storm Thread - information, questions, opinions etc

    So far Heroes of the Storm seems to have generated quite the buzz following the panels at Blizzcon. I have watched the gameplay videos, the discussion panels, and watched the matches during Blizzcon through the virtual ticket.

    The game looks really exciting as far as gameplay goes - and seeing our favorite iconic heroes and villains from the various Blizzard franchises in action should be a lot of fun.

    I'd like to start this thread to keep current in regard to information surrounding this game, as well as generate discussions in regard to how this game can be improved, issues, etc. Blizzard pays close attention to forums such as MMO-Champ, and I think this would be a great place to generate feedback and provide input for a game that clearly has a ton of potential to break into the current MOBA market.

    Here is the information I have so far:

    1) Assassin Type (Ganker/Carry?)


    2) Warrior Type (Tank/Intiator?)


    3) Support

    4) Specialist

    What we know so far:
    a) There will be map objectives, such as collecting coins to turn in at an npc, who will assist you in destroying enemy towers
    b) There will be uniform exp gains for your entire team (i.e. split experience for your team, so that all heroes on your team level at the same rate)
    c) There will be no items
    d) There will be an emphasis on team play

    The gameplay looks phenomenal, but I do have a few concerns about the game. First and foremost, it appears that uniform exp gains for your entire team can lead to a playstyle that does not punish players for poor play. If you are a bad player that overextends and gets ganked early, you will not have a level deficit.

    Another concern I have is the lack of items in the game. Item builds added a dimension to MOBAs that allowed for hero customization, and certain items could counter certain team compositions and enhance gameplay. Taking out items from the game, essentially abolishes the need for gold in the game, which means "last hits" on creep or "denying" enemies from killing your creep are no longer relevant to HoTS.

    Taking out items and gold removes a layer of depth from the MOBA game. Item builds, last hitting creeps and creep denial were elements to the current MOBAs out there that really distinguished the good players from the bad.

    Does anyone feel the same way? Any reason why removing this layer of depth from the gameplay could be a good thing?

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    I think tyrael is a kind of support than a tank/initiator.

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    Tyrael is listed as a "Warrior" type according to the Heroes of the Storm wiki and Blizzard page, just going based on the sources of information out there, as I have not yet played the game myself.

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