View Poll Results: How Will You Watch Blizzcon?

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  • Buying my own Virtual Ticket

    195 47.45%
  • Watching the Partial Free Stream

    50 12.17%
  • Watching Somebody Elses Full Stream (eg Twitch)

    134 32.60%
  • Attending / Other.

    32 7.79%
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    A friend will be screen sharing it to me over skype. So hyped..

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    Bloodsail Admiral FearXI's Avatar
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    Not at all now.
    Made more important plans during the event.

    At least I got the pet. Anyone know if it's locked to your account or you can sell it?
    I bought the virtual ticket and be a nice way to get my $40 back since I'll miss it all.
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    i'll just read the summaries posted on the Front page of MMO-C
    i have to work on Friday
    and i have a life on Saturday.

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    Previous years I've used free steams but I've never had one work without problems so this year I've stumped up some money.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darsithis View Post
    The playerbase has been desiring this for years and when it's finally here, everyone wants to grab a pitchfork. Ridiculous. This community is disgustingly toxic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trafz View Post
    I'm considering doing this actually.
    Well love you long time :P. Let me know if you do. <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by dragothica View Post
    Virtual Ticket, I'll probably stay logged in WoW on the 2nd monitor to see if people in game are reacting to whatever they are announcing.
    ofc they will be! I've already told my raid leader I won't be able to raid tomorrow cos i'll be watching blizzcon so I won't be on WoW at all, staying on the couch with pistachio nuts and mountain dew \o/
    For once maybe someone will call me "Sir" without adding "You're making a scene"

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    Anybody know any streams that will have the live coverage?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Compstance View Post
    1 post. Clearly not a murderer.
    I knew something like that would come, lol. Just never posted on here before so I didn't need an account :P

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    something along these lines

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