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  • Demon Hunter

    119 46.85%
  • Blademaster

    28 11.02%
  • Tinker

    99 38.98%
  • None of the above

    47 18.50%
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    Demon Hunter/Tinker/Blademaster

    Which would you prefer to be the next "hero" class/class in the next expansion if one of them was going to be announced which would you prefer to see?

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    I would prefer a Blademaster.

    I want to play a Samurai.

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    Tinker. I feel like it has the least amount of overlap with other classes. I know that there are plenty of people who would argue otherwise, and other people who would point out the engineering profession -

    This is just my opinion, and I don't think the other classes are bad ideas.
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    Tinker for sheer uniqueness. I was always a Demon Hunter fanboy but my hopes were crushed by the Warlock revamp in 5.0. The Tinker would easily be the most unique and distinctive of the 3 when it comes to a new class entirely. Demon Hunters and Blademasters are great fits though for a Warlock and Warrior 4th specs respectively.
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    Use the search function there are boatloads of these threads already. No new class is needed imo and I don't really care if they add one or not.

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    Demon Hunter. Because someone has to finally contest that monopoly Hunters have on ranged weapons. And far as I see it, Demon Hunter can have a spec that plays like in D3.
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    Tough choice between Blademaster and Deamon Hunter. Voted dh, because if they ever introduce some kind of "advanced" from class warriors will be blademasters

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    I feel that of those, only the Tinker could actually be a new class. Blademaster and Demon Hunters are already parts of other classes. They would make sense as 4th specs for warriors and warlocks, not as stand alone classes.

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    Because theres not already five of these threads or anything.

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    We don't need another class. Blizzard should just improve the current classes like removing Chakra.

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    I need a "I don't care" option.
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    I'd rather have a Bard. But of those listed, I choose Tinker.

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    If they actually put in Ethereals and Ganarg/Moarg, I could see Tinkers being playable. Those new races would be an interesting way to bring in Tech to the factions.

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    My guess is it will be none of the above. If in fact we are going to be doing some time travel this expansion the new class will have something to do with that theme.


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    If Demon Hunter becomes a new class in the next expansion I'd say it would be awesome if it could be the second hero class. And instead of starting with the Lich King as the Death Knights did, You'll start as Illidians Apprentice or whatever. It could be really cool.

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    None of the above. A new class to have to balance etc, should be a low priority. New older race models should be a higher priority.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slowpoke is a Gamer View Post
    Demon Hunter. Because someone has to finally contest that monopoly Hunters have on ranged weapons. And far as I see it, Demon Hunter can have a spec that plays like in D3.
    Demon Hunters are melee dual-wielders. See: Illidan and all the other ones outside Black Temple via SMV/Outland, one in Nagrand, etc. The Diablo reference is for Diablo only. Demon Hunters are very different in Warcraft than they are in Diablo. They'd most likely be Melee/short-ranged spellcasters.
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    Tinker. The only class I would have any interest in rerolling as, bar none, as well as the only option that brings anything new to the table as far as thematics are concerned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Telomerase View Post
    I would prefer a Blademaster.

    I want to play a Samurai.
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    I voted for both Tinker and DH. I'd be pretty psyched about either. Tinker for sheer uniqueness in relation to the other classes and DH because it would fit best with a Legion themed expac. I would be intrigued to see a Blademaster, but more in a skeptical "how is this going to be any different than warrior" way, then actual excitement.

    I would also dig Timewalkers.
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