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    Anticipation question

    Say I have 5 CPs on my target and 3 Anticipation stacks. I decide to use 1 more SS to get me to the next BG level. RS effect procs and I get 2 more stacks of Anticipation. I use a finisher and I get the 5 stacks of Anticipation as active CPs on my target. Thing is I loose the extra CP from Ruthlessness. Correct?

    If that is the case, then do I never go above 3 stacks of Anticipation or the lost CP worths the 1 - boosted from higher level of BG- finisher?

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    Yes, you lose the ruthlessness proc. As for your question, consider this: a combo point is 20% of a finisher; you pushing a level of bandits guile is at most 10% more damage on a finisher.

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    Correct, but for your second question, 4 should be fine. 1 proc + 4 will just put you back at 5 CP, only 5 AP should actually clip the effect (unless I've missed a broken mechanic), meaning you could still use an ability at 2 even though you might hit 4, without worrying about lost CP.

    (edit: excepting under Shadow Blades, as mentioned below)
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    You would run what is called a 3+ anticipation cycle (2+ for shadow blades). This means once you are at 3 or more anticipation charges (2 or more for shadow blades) use your finisher.

    Sesshou: That combo point is also 2 seconds off shadow blades, adrenaline rush, and killing spree.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowboy View Post
    Sesshou: That combo point is also 2 seconds off shadow blades, adrenaline rush, and killing spree.
    Very true, but unless I missed something, I figured my 20% vs 10% statement was clear and simple (well, also under his assumption the cp is actually lost).

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    The CP is indeed lost. All anticipation charges are consumed upon an offensive finisher and the order for combo point addition is ruthlessness > anticipation, so the 5th anticipation point is munched.

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