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    How should the LFR be for next expansion?

    I loved doing LFR in pandaria. So what is everyone hoping for LFR in the next expansion? I hope they get rid of the cap on valor points or at least increase it.

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    i kinda hope they dumb it down and make it only award vp and a random bag

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    Preferably, not there. It should be removed.

    But if it has to be there, it should be made easier, called Story mode and award Blue items, not Epics.

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    Keep it in but ban anyone that uses it because those filthy casuals don't deserve any of MY content!

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    I think it's fine the way it is.
    I support a cash shop in WoW!

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    its fine the way it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stevecow View Post
    I think it's fine the way it is.
    Quote Originally Posted by thorun View Post
    its fine the way it is.
    These are the correct answers.

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    It's fine the way it is.

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    It is fine the way it is

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    Scrap it in place of Flex Raiding. There's no reason for LFR anymore. Flex accomplishes everything LFR was supposed to without actually gutting the "raid" experience.

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    The butthurt should be removed from it, on both sides, and forum posting about it should be blocked. Then LFR will be just fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chewbacka View Post
    i kinda hope they dumb it down and make it only award vp and a random bag
    and here we got another snowflake.... the only chnage i want for next xpac is they should kick all lfr haters from game! bingo = better community....

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    It should be removed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Okkervil View Post
    It should be removed.
    You can wish in one hand and shit in the other. Want to guess which will fill up first?

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    1 word............gone
    History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people - Martin Luther King, Jr.

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    It is fine the way it is

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    1. Same level gear as now but with blue text.
    2. Tune it like a 25-man scenario.
    3. Remove tier bonuses.

    Re-purpose it as something other than raiding so that people's overly-sensitive feelings don't get hurt. Otherwise, content and rewards should be about the same.

    And do something about the AFKers.

    Running it should feel like a giant Wrath heroic.

    None of this is my personal preference but what they're doing now is problematical. Most of the virulent anti-LFR crowd wouldn't be caught dead in blue items after a certain point. So that would be a win to get them out.

    Cynicism wins.
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    Quote Originally Posted by machineman View Post
    Preferably, not there. It should be removed.

    But if it has to be there, it should be made easier, called Story mode and award Blue items, not Epics.
    I agree 100%.

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    the same, a bog for all hope and faith in humanity to slowly die in...

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    More arrogance.
    LFR exists because of the organisational requirement of traditional raiding, something the community has made far worse than it used to be.
    Pugs used to be more flexible, more understanding of a real life.
    But now the format is rife with impatient, arrogant and elitist players who constantly whine about any content that is not just for them, when it is them forcing the need for it.

    If someone cannot commit during the "social" or convenient hours, or if their playtime is fragmented that they cannot commit to a sufficient length of play, then the LFR format is aimed at them.
    Traditional raiding is aimed at those without those limitations.

    You do normal or heroic by choice, because it is a different experience to LFR, because one format is not seeing everything that it offers.
    Therefore LFR is not "seeing the content" as stupid people keep repeating.

    Get over yourselves please.

    Let people who have no other choice play as far as they can, and perhaps try to be a decent person and offer them space in flex as their time suits.

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