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    Shadow Word: Insanity vs FDCL in PvP

    I hear so much about Shadow Word: Insanity in pvp, and someone was telling me today that it was the only good thing that Shadow Priests have. I was unsure about this as I have done well with the talent FDCL (From Darkness Comes Light) that I have been using for some time now.. I like the instant mind spike crits because they can't be interrupted and seem to just be more on-demand overall. I really dislike mind flaying for too long in my rotation and prefer more fast paced, big hit damage type spells.

    But I want to hear from other Shadow Priests what they have had better luck with, preferably people who have tried both talents but I'd love to hear what you guys like about Insanity.

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    FDCL can't compete with insanity for pure facemelting, I can maybe see it working in twos but even then if you time cc well you can still get insanity off. That said any good player will know to interrupt it and your mind blasts, locking your damage out completely.

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    In 80% of your arenas you will be getting trained, making MFI so much worse.

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    Insanity against 1% of the comps that doesnt have a warrior so you can actually get that insanity off.
    Against warriorteams i would just go with proc-spec and hope you have a partner that can dish out the real damage
    while you cc and try to keep somewhat of a pressure up.

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    Shadow Word: Locked out. You'd need amazing full-time peelers to pull it off.

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    Insanity for Heroic RLS and Shatterplay. FDCL for everything else.
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