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  • 10 levels faster leveling

    24 30.77%
  • 10 levels slower leveling

    18 23.08%
  • 10 levels same speed

    32 41.03%
  • 5 levels faster leveling

    3 3.85%
  • 5 levels slower leveling

    3 3.85%
  • 5 levels same speed

    3 3.85%
  • 100 milion per lv

    8 10.26%
  • less then 100 milion

    6 7.69%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Whilst the Heirloom's can be changed at anytime, I actually do think that's exactly what they will stay as, 90-10.

    Speed of levelling, same with any expansion, it's always slower at first, then they nerf the exp rates later on, if you level in MoP now, it's faster than it was when it originally came out, same happened with the others.

    So my vote was 10 levels same speed.

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    I expect it will be the same speed but i would really like for it to take a long time to hit level cap. Just leveling up a new toon i hate how fast it goes :/ I wish there was a way to return everything to their old xp amounts. Started in Hellfire at 58 and ive done around 30 quests and 2 dungeons and im 62 :/

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    So prety much everyone belives its gona be 10 levels even after the 5 lvs expansions trend, interesting

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miminz View Post
    So prety much everyone belives its gona be 10 levels even after 5 lvs expansions trend, interesting
    Mostly because of thr way talent trees and heirlooms are set up. Talents are particularly Interesting. It will be either every 10 or 20 levels..anyones guess on which they will pick. 10 or 20.

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    6-7 hours for the first couple levels seems high. I think it was more like 3-5 for the first couple (85-87), if you were taking your time. 6-7 hours for 89-90, maybe. This is before the XP nerf.

    Anyway I think time per level will be shorter because I'm betting that the next expansion will raise the cap to 100. I believe they will target a similar time to cap as MoP, but spread over 10 levels.

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    I get the feeling they'll do 10 levels, same speed. 2 levels per zone instead of one, and have more options for where you can go to level.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Miminz View Post
    So prety much everyone belives its gona be 10 levels even after the 5 lvs expansions trend, interesting
    Per level xp numbers aside, a 5 level expansion feels rather incremental instead of the significant chunk of content that it should be. We've had 2 in a row, neither of which has done a lot to keep players for a multitude of reasons. So perhaps it's time to rethink a few steps.
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    I giggled a bit at 7 hours per level in MoP.

    OT: I would expect 10 levels due to Garrosh heirlooms, it would be silly to have an heirloom that would just sit in your bank for 18-24 months being useless until the next expansion is out and you can use it again. As for time taken? Comparable to BC/Wrath of course, a day or two for the hardcores, closer to a week for the majority.

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    Interesting to see how many people put the pieces together correctly. Only 27.40% got it right. The answer was out there.

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