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    I know I said I'd stop but oh well... Anywho, by saying my guild's DPS is trash, you're basically saying we're trash. With that being said, you should also take your own advice regarding not making comments about other guilds which you know nothing about etc etc.

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    I think we are fine. We are were we have been most of the time. We are all right, not great. How do we get compensated, by bringing extra utility. Only downside is that this is very valuable in the progression stage, after bosses have been downed and people get stronger, the utility isnt needed as much anymore and people tend to only look at numbers.

    But still we arent doing bad at all. Very decent damage, and still awesomely fluffy!!

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    Good thread and read bar the shite in the middle.

    I recently levelled my Druid to 90 and am just doing some casual LFR, don't have the time or guild to raid heroic anymore. My Balance Druid raided heroics in WOTLK and Cataclysm and always loved him, I just swopped over to Warlock half way through Cata.

    The rotation is fun, but I think mine needs some work, some fights I'm high in meters, others I'm down low. Unfortunately as a relatively fresh 90 I'm not even bothering with legendary stuff, and I won't gear past LFR, so might not be good representation. Hopefully it's just my mechanics and when I fine tune them up, I can start pumping out big numbers.

    Enjoying being back around this sub-forum, being too long

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