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    1. Get out
    2. Frost strike and Howling blast deal frost damage
    3. Please stop
    4. Yes I'd actually enjoy some talent changes
    5. ...
    6. Really please stop

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    Quote Originally Posted by Puchiko View Post
    1. Shut up you're an idiot.
    2. It already does genius.
    3. Why would I want to be like Bolvar?
    4. Look at the other class talents.
    5. You mean like DW frost?
    6. Shut up you're an idiot.
    1. NO U
    2. Well, yes. Technically.
    3. That's a good point.
    4. Our talent tree is a mess. A fucking, mess. It's a giant pot-pourri of random stuff. And we're alone in this pool of sh.t.
    5. Which kinda needs to be in melee range to dump RP.
    6. We're no strangers to love. You know the rules, and so do I.

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  3. #103 passive each howling blast add 1 proc of razorice on each unit.
    2.put rune longer than mop passive your main hand melee attack have a x% to invoke valkyr or ghoul passive your valkyr or ghoul have x% of your haste to fix scaling with haste
    5.your killing machine scale with crit and nerf little bit frost strike and obliterate
    6.unholy blight as frost cast howling blast every 1 secs and adds diseases.
    7.your rime do 2x your howling blast
    8.your empower rune is now a new cooldown 3 mins enrage the dk 20% str,haste,crit,mastery for 20secs
    9.soul reaper do frost and shadow damage passive your soul reaper do 10% more damage stack 10 and fade after 8 secs.
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    For blood only, as I haven't touched a dps spec since Cata:

    1) Make blood DW viable. That's a personal dream, though pretty sure it won't happen. Still, nothing would be cooler than tanking with two blades.
    2) Something for better AoE tanking, we are seriously lacking in controlling spread AoE threat. GG is a nice talent but since it doesn't taunt, its pretty worthless in most of the raid content (I only use it for Garrosh).
    3) More raid utility - AMZ is nice but too situational and not worth taking over Purgatory most of the time, Worms are way too random and unreliable, CR is nice but nothing special if you've got a druid/lock in your group anyway. Maybe the T13 4-set bonus with VB affecting all the raid, make it baseline, it was a wonderful utility (helped quite a bit on Spine HC).
    4) Make the Death Coil less...useless. It heals for nothing and gives an absorbs shield that simply isn't worth the gcd. The idea is highly cool, but with current numbers its just worthless. Maybe make it a big cd, like a big absorb but on a 2-3 minutes cd (no need for the runic power), you can use it on anyone but yourself and save them from death. Would be a great utility to have.

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    Some sort of real survivability for DKs in PvP...

    Like a disarm, or massive dodge boost. Warriors suddenly aren't a problem anymore.

    For PvE... something that passively summons skeletons/ghouls/spirits to your side (Like the ToT 2pc bonus) to fight for you would be cool.
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    Kaleredar is right...
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    • Talent tree reworked to have more closely thematized tiers
    • Tying into the above, AMZ, DA and Gorefiend's Grasp baseline
    • PvP survivability and overall utility reworked; when the optimal way to play the class is to spam damage while in the tanking presence, something's probably wrong.
    • Make secondary stats more interesting for both DPS specs; i.e resource returns on crit, more haste scaling, better synergy between Frost and crit, mastery more interesting for 2H Frost.
    • Give Frost DPS cooldowns that feel like DPS cooldowns. With Army being being on a four year CD, I feel like we're lacking in this department quite a bit.
    • Final talent tier being a meaningful choice on every encounter, not just the ones that call for Gorefiend's Grasp...
    • Something done about DW Frost's playstyle; two buttons being the optimal way to play isn't fun anymore.
    • Death Strike healing and subsequent Blood Shielding calculated based on unmitigated damage, à la vengeance.
    • Soul Reaper reworked/removed for Frost
    • Blood DPS as a fourth spec
    • Horn of Winter off GCD
    • Pillar of Frost rune cost removed
    • H WF Evil Eye of Galakras' CDR baseline
    • Roiling Blood baseline, Unholy given a new form of AoE something to do with diseases (an AoE Malefic Grasp sort of mechanic?)
    • Glyph of Shifting Presences removed, Presences get their own GCD à la Warrior Stances and all Runic Power is retained when switching between them.
    • Dark Simulacrum castable on friendlies, somewhat akin to Symbiosis
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    As most people have said, fix the talents;
    GG, Asphyxiate and Remorseless winter should share a tier, all about controlling enemies. This would leave Desecrated ground to go alongside Death's Advance and Chillbains. Now we have not only a tier about control but also a tier about speed, hoorah!

    I think Unholy Blight needs some form of CD reduction to make it as appealing as the other choices there, currently it's Roiling Blood for AoE and Plague Leech as single target (as tank at least) but having all 3 options available to each spec shouldn't require too much tuning.

    I think that our tier 30 talents aren't too bad, but AMZ should provide a bonus to AMS I think to make it more appealing on fights with no raid magic damage, but still some personal stuff to deal with. Maybe decrease the CD or maybe even something offensive like letting it gain RP for targets hit with magic around you within 5 yards. Doing this I'd also say make Death Coil do more healing whilst Lichborne is up as Purgatory is already really nice.

    Tier 60 talents just need like some good hard looks I've only ever used Death Pact. Conversion seems nice in principle but Id never use it unless my RP capping was just stupid, but resource wise I think runes need a little more attention atm and whilst RP dumps would be nice I think part of playing a DK should fall down to managing your RP to prevent capping not having it done for you.

    Not sure about the 75 tier talents balance-wise as I only ever use Blood Tap due to personal preference but they seem mainly ok, a little boring but it's not all about every talent being fun at the end of the day, more play style choice.

    All in all, we need a couple things swapped and a couple things brought up to par with others.

    We do need some nice CDs though, not resource regen CDs, something on a short CD with no cost that'll give us a little burst, OR give us a CD we can glyph to become half as effective for half the CD thus giving us the option to swap it around a bit due to certain fights or once again personal preference.

    One more idea would be something that lets Army of the Dead proc to be insta/free cast. Even if it would take like 2 full minutes to gain enough charges for it to proc. Thinking along the lines of Dark Transformation, Ghoul attacks stack up to 20, have a duration of say 5 minutes, and stop stacks applying faster than every 10-15 seconds. Once you have 20 stacks (or one per ghoul spawnable by AotD I guess) your next army of the dead either has no cast time or no rune cost. Maybe glyph to make it no rune cost I can see that being more a Blood DK thing as they gain mitigation during the channel whereas a Frost/Unholy DK would want the insta cast just to get back to spamming abilities.

    DKs with their runes seem to work well on a Charges system for a few things, Bone Shield 2 piece set is great so more things like that, I'd like to see maybe a 2 charge system applied to Death Grip with CD adjustments made so it's on par with the current version, just a little more reliable in those manic moments.

    Last but not least, I would like to see Heart Strike do more damage as Blood Boil is getting a tad spammy now.
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    All changes i want gethered:

    New talent grid:

    Some talents REMOVED:
    - Asphyxiate (DK's shouldn't have a stun)
    - Remorseless Winter (it was useless, and DK's don't need a stun)
    - Rolling Blood
    - Unholy Blight
    - Plague Leech
    - Death Siphon

    Some skills and passives removed (not talents):
    - Unholy Frenzy (due to balance with new dps-tier talents)
    - Outbreak
    - Empowered Rune-Weapon. Maybe? It's useless (at least for DW frost).

    Some skills are now passive:
    - Rolling Blood (Blood): is now a blood passive skill
    - Plague Leech: is now a passive for all specs

    Some new skills or passives:
    - Blood Mastery - change it somehow
    - Glacier Rot (Frost): Increases Frost damage by 20% for 5 sec after using Obliterate. Terminates pure Howling Blast spam.

    - Deathchill (Frost)
    45 sec CD
    Empowers your next skill, removing the cost and causes additional effects:
    * Frost Strike slows the targets movement speed, reducing their speed by 80% for 8 sec.
    * Howling Blast deals primary target damage to all enemies around
    * Icy Touch (if glyphed) becomes a placeable aoe skill, dispelling 2 beneficial from all enemies within 10 yards
    * Chains of Ice affects 3 nearby enemies
    * Death Strike heals you for 20% of your maximum health.

    Changes to existing skills or passives:
    - Bone Shield: cooldown is now reduced by 1 sec every time you parry. This effect can only occur once every 1 sec.
    - Might of the Frozen Wastes: No longer increases Obliterate damage. Now increases melee damage by 15% only.
    - Threat of Thassarian: No longer increases Frost Strike damage. Now allow ALL melee-attacks to hit with both weapons.
    - Obliterate damage increased to 300% weapon damage (from 250%). No longer deals additional damage per diseases but instead ignores 25% armor per diseases (Frost and Necrotic Plague).
    - Frost Strike damage increased to 170% weapon damage (from 115%)
    - Scourge Strike now deals pure shadow-damage. Around 150% shadow damage and 25% more per diseases?
    - Necrotic Strike, remove Necrotic Strike spamming

    MOP 2h frost playstyle is Boring, while DW frost playstyle is a little more diverse, but still a little odd. Focusing Everything on Obliterate. Is. Just. Not. Fun... Revert changes made to 2h and DW frost in MOP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wrien View Post

    [b]Some skills and passives removed (not talents):
    - Outbreak
    Terrible, terrible idea. Why someone would want to take AWAY a QOL ability is beyond me. Much better suggestion:
    Outbreak-Reduce CD by 30 seconds.
    Remove Plague Strike if you really want something gone.

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    From the moment you made a Death Knight you no longer posses the ability to make demands. Go enjoy your kiddie class son.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stormcall View Post
    Terrible, terrible idea. Why someone would want to take AWAY a QOL ability is beyond me. Much better suggestion:
    Outbreak-Reduce CD by 30 seconds.
    Remove Plague Strike if you really want something gone.
    Outbreak is a joke of an ability.

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    Lets try to keep this thread clear of flaming no matter how stupid or otherwise someone's ideas may be.

    Its a wish list thread, my wish is for a pony, doesn't mean it is realistic.

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    1. Make the tallent tiers feel like the tiers of other classes
    1.1 First with its 5.4 itteration Plague leech doesn have place anymore in tier 1 because now its a simmilar to ERW in its mechanic all tho it uses the diseases on the target as a resourse. Tier one is made for desiease spreading, not rune regenerating/desiese removing. Make it baseline (in fiction fantazy worlds the caster of the curse/disease/spell/enchantmet is usualy the only one who can dispell it too).
    1.2 Remove Asphyxiate from tier 3... Tier 3 is for movement spreed increase/decrease, not disables.
    1.3 Make Desacrated ground baseline ability and remove it from tier 6. Tier 6 is for aoe crowd control utility not selfdispelling
    2. Redo lvl 90 tallents or atleast make them do some dmg on top of theyr utility so they start having meaning when used.
    3. Redo (maybe) runeforges. Add new or make the old ones more of a proclike than passives.
    4. Add more skills for a rotation to have a meaning - 2 button spam in both frost subspecs is just not very intresting (all tho i like HB spam :P)
    5. Redo Army of the dead - having a 10 min cd is just ... well i have no words. An idea is maybe to make it not spam ghouls only, but maybe random number of melle ranged and caster minions ala Book of the Dead in WC3, then i might be OK with the 10 min cd. WIll also add cool effect, beacuse... well then it wil really feel like an army :P
    6. AMZ to be baseline ability.
    7. Rework Killing Mashine. One thing i have in mind is just make it so it affect the next skill you use, not just frost strike/obliterate. Other is maybe make it affect random skill of your primary dps toolkit - HB, FS, Obliterate. Third suggestion - make it alter the next skill you use, example Obliterate cleave 3 addtional targets or just you double swing(same maybe for FS). Last and most easy one - remake it so it does 100% crit (as it is) but it also increase the critical dmg bonus by 100%+(your current crit)%
    8. Maybe .. just maybe - make the specs relay solely on theyr name school magic. What i mean? Here is example - frost spec uses only frost centered spells. That mean remove plague strike, blood boil, DnD and death coil from frost spec spell book. For me atleast feels stupid to use unholy spells while my spec is called "Frost" adn they are not affected by mastery at all.

    Edit: I almost forgot
    9. Make Raise dead give a spec specific add or make it add a boost for the current spec. Like scrab for blood - passevly increase the armor or increase parry chance while up, frost - summon frozem warrior who not just only melles my current tharget but also use frost spells or it also add additional frost vulnerability to my curent target. Add it for unholy make it summons undead necromancer, a caster witch can add buffs to your ghoul to enchanc eits dmg or it simmilar to frost one add shadow vulnerability debuff or buff on the DK himself.
    Overall make it intresting cooldown. Not just some random sumon pet that do some pathetic additonal dmg
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    Blood shield mastery visual pls ):

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    lv 90 talents that aren't boring as hell and almost useless-Gorefiend's can be invaluable though

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    They should make (e.g.) HB use a rune within the rune set that has the lowest regen time left and can be used. HB always uses the "frost" (unholy) set of runes prior to the "blood" (unholy) ones even if both "blood" runes are off CD. Annoys the hell out of me since it artificially increases downtime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wrien View Post
    Outbreak is a joke of an ability.
    for dw frost yes. For 2H frost which relies on Obliterate damage and keeping both diseases up no way. For unholy even before the QoL fix to plague strike it's an amazing ability and got better after the QOL fix for normal or festerblight(although it's dead) play style.

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    Quote Originally Posted by valliant13 View Post
    for dw frost yes. For 2H frost which relies on Obliterate damage and keeping both diseases up no way. For unholy even before the QoL fix to plague strike it's an amazing ability and got better after the QOL fix for normal or festerblight(although it's dead) play style.
    It is also extremely valuable to Blood, because IT+PS to apply diseases = less DS.

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    - Taunt back for DPS
    - AoE RP dump
    - cooldowns less haste-focused to not collide with bloodlust
    - rune regeneration talents not tied to spells but to spending RP
    - dot ticks twice as fast for half the damage
    - controlled blood parasite bursts
    - option to turn death grip into a charge on bosses/targets immune to grip
    - cast speed slow of necrotic strike not falling off when healed through
    - chains of ice granting death runes
    - weaker gargoyle, up scourge strike to compensate
    - get rid of sudden doom rng
    - haste affecting dots
    - (not very professional, but...) wotlk-corpse explosion as in "blow up your ghoul for massive damage"
    - remove "death grip = mobility" mentality of devs

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    As mentioned before I agree we need a AoE RP spell. Also an AoE Taunt would be nice ( maybe with Gorefiend's Grasp? ) .

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