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    i hope its over soon, because honestly it's wearing itself pretty thin already.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vindicatorx View Post
    They have said that for years and you guys are still expecting it. If we get this new expansion before August I will be amazed. You can keep dreaming though I don't expect to talk sense into anyone on these forums anymore.
    Expecting with good reason. They have had the intention for years, agreed, but they also have managed to get closer to that target over the years. With every expansion time til next XPAC has shortened.... so I'm still quite positive and expect around 6 months.

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    I don't see SoO having much longevity beyond january/february 2014...
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    23 November 2014, is when 6.0 comes out, there will be a filler raid which leads up to the new expansion. SoO will last 5-6 months, with the Bridge raid lasting 5 months.

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    5-6months. MAX
    Quote Originally Posted by Shekora View Post
    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?
    Quote Originally Posted by Sam the Wiser View Post
    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?

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    My guess is an Apr/May release. Surely they can't risk dragging out SoO for as long as previous end expac raids.

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    too long I think

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    Go back and read the text I was replying to.
    You should get a dictionary and check out the word "confused".

    Quote Originally Posted by Shudder View Post
    They projected raids would last 6 months. ToT lasted 6 months. Are you confused?

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    Quote Originally Posted by scarson View Post
    2 months already behind
    X5 F&F alpha until January 15th (2 months)
    X5 beta until May 15th (4 months)
    Pre-X5 patch with no raid content June 15th
    Pre-launch events in July and August
    X5 launch end of August
    11.5 months, my guess.
    they will never make the mistake of making another year of a tier. (cough icc).

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    If I have to be honest... I am already quite done with it.

    I only PvP and battle with pets atm

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cassidin View Post
    Zombie invasion started on 22nd October 2008, by 27th October 2008 the infection had been cured - although the scourge continued to invade (just we no longer turned to zombies).... ( So it was a week of zombies...... although it did seem longer I admit! I remember sitting in Shatt on my netherdrake up in the air where I was safe while chatting to guildies. You couldnt land anywhere or you got zombiefied!
    it was only 5 days!? holy crap it does seem like it was longer. regardless, i wouldnt mind if they brought back zombies for no reason. or at-least give us a fun but impactful pre-xpan patch like they did with wrath

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    they said at Blizzcon they have a few minor patches planed no raids.

    Sounds like SoO is going be a ds/icc repeat

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    Quote Originally Posted by But I Hate You All View Post
    they said at Blizzcon they have a few minor patches planed no raids.

    Sounds like SoO is going be a ds/icc repeat
    And everything we do in SoO is for nothing, Garrosh gets away and start over again anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ProfessorTjc View Post
    Calling it now. The release of the next Xpac will be between May and July. If I'm wrong then you can come back to this post and make fun of me. We'll see though.
    So referring to my older post before Blizzcon, this is what Tom had to say in the Q/A about the release date.

    Q: So what can we expect from now and till the expansion?
    A: Well, everything we make from here till the expansion is gonna push back the expansion further.
    Q: What dates are we talking? next winter? summer or spring?
    A: We really don't know its hard to predict but we think it will be before people think it will come.

    Boom! Thank you and have a nice day.
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    8 more months if beta starts in Jan

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    If you are going from today, no longer than 5 more months. If you are going from the 10th of september, then 6-7 months. WoD will drop between late march and early may.

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    Do you people consider a WoD beta in January/February as content? Does SoO only have to last until beta or will the subs fall regardless?

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    WoD will drop this summer.

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    May is my guess. It tends to be a good month to drop games in and a good window for Activision-Blizzard to drop one of theirs.

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