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    Do we have a source for that? I always heard they were using the existing skeletons, and rough stance would be the same. I'ma google this.
    I don't have a source but my own experience in modelling, rigging and animating. BUT! It's very very unlikely they will do this.
    If they want to add animations to the face and the fingers they have to create new joints as the old rigs don't have joints there.
    This means they will have to create an entire new skeleton/rig, animation rigs are very difficult to alter after they are finished it's just not worth the hassle.
    The chances of something breaking are just too big, you would spend more time fixing those errors than you would just making a new rig.
    For an experienced rigger that doesn't have to take that long really and you are more sure to end up with something the animators can use.

    They will base the new animations on the old ones though, they won't transfer them they will make new smoother ones that look similar to the old ones.
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    I hope so. I don't mind the way the models look to be honest, except your character looks like everyone else. Blizz needs to step up and give us better customization, so many other mmo's have already done it, it's time Blizz does too.

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    For humans, orcs, tauren etc. males I doubt they would get a more muscular option as the current one is already very beefed up. If anything, they'd get the option to tone down.
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    I hate the way all my Undead characters look. They need more. I hate how armor is party destroyed just by being put on an Undead too. We get it, we don't need to see bone elbows and toes.

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    Given how blizzard models work, I don't think it possible; they would have to make separate models for each body type, and that's highly unlikable. WoW doesn't have mesh variability like other MMORPG's or games like the sims do...

    Though if you are going to redo most your models, it would be the perfect time to implement that function.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IzoGray View Post
    I hate the way all my Undead characters look. They need more. I hate how armor is party destroyed just by being put on an Undead too. We get it, we don't need to see bone elbows and toes.
    This a lot. Why does brand new (enchanted, magical armor; sometimes even made of mail and PLATE) rips the moment you wear it?? If Goblins have the option of diverse facial features (ears, nose and chin) exposed joints is just as easy to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by heerobya View Post
    Maybe the Horde will finally have more than one race (male) to choose from w/o a hunchback.
    Maybe the Alliance will finally have more than zero races to choose from with a dps racial.

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    I don't think it would work with WoW, to be honest.

    Adding those options would change quite alot. Imagine a fat gnome, a skinny draenei, a buff blood elf. It wouldn't even feel like WoW anymore, as all the races we know would now be distorted and often look incredibly different.

    Plus think about the sheer scale of that. Those new games don't have 13 different races, but WoW does. It would take an incredible amount of time to add a feature like that in WoW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Macabre101 View Post
    I know it won't come true, but I wish the Tauren remodel would make them look more like their Tall Brute Stature from WCIII
    Oh aye, I hate the hunchback look.

    Quote Originally Posted by miffy23 View Post
    Can't seem to find anything reliable, just that the animations will remain the same.
    We'll see either way, i can't wait to witness them.
    The animations will be similar, to retain the feel of the old characters and not having their actions unrecognisable.
    Quote Originally Posted by sharpy View Post
    Ya i think Karadros got it right sadly..
    Quote Originally Posted by TheRagebear View Post
    Sylvanas is flawless and should be canonized as a saint.

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    I think they'll probably add subraces, but the game isn't really built for differing body types I don't think.

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    They aren't using the same anything. Why do you think it is taking so long? They are building all new models from the ground up.

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