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    Blizzcon 2013 and Titan?

    Here is the most crazy idea my brain has make-believed-

    Titan was scrapped a few years back due to the changing dynamics of the MMO marketplace, and Blizzard wants to continue to support WoW for the next 10 years. Wouldn't be too hard to believe. Titan WAS supposedly shelved/re-started because it had no place, didn't "fit" in the world anymore.

    Project Titan shifted to become a new, "next-gen" engine for WoW. Sure, they've made lots of additions and changes to the engine since launch, but the base engine for WoW is running on 13-14 year old code.

    New Titan engine for WoW - just as scalable, works on 300$ best buy laptop with integrated gfx up to many thousands$$ gaming PC with all the bells and whistles. Maintains vast open world - traverse whole continents without loading screens. Much improved animations and overall graphical fidelity (including new racial models for all vanilla/tbc races.) More dynamic water, weather, terrain, flight models, underwater movement, etc. etc. And the big kicker - vastly improved scale. Easily handles tons more players on screen, more massive fights, bigger battlegrounds and raid environments, including city sieges on a massive scale, larger more epic bosses (Deathwing "riding on his back" less of a gimmick, more "Shadows of Colossus" etc.)

    Kind of a 10-year reboot of WoW for the next 10 years, and give purpose to the work done on Titan - Project Titan, WoW for the next decade.

    *drops mic*
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    I highly doubt this is true, but I would not be against a "WoW 2.0" at some point in the future assuming it fixed a lot of the issues with the old MMO genre. I'd almost say that something like how EQNext is shaping up to be will be the direction that future MMOs go; a truly dynamic world that adapts.
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    See, I look at something like EQ, then EQ2, then EQNext and I just wonder - why?
    How many people REALLY play EQ1 and how many are REALLY going to play EQ1 and EQ2 once EQN comes out?

    Reboots, new engines, none of which haven't happened before.

    Why would Blizz build a competitor to the #1 subscription based MMO?

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    Titan was scrapped, Activision's plan's didn't match Vivendi / Blizzards plans.
    Stay tuned for news from blizzcon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by heerobya View Post

    Why would Blizz build a competitor to the #1 subscription based MMO?
    In the hope that it will become the #1 subscription based MMO? WoW is old and with the numbers trending down they would be fools not to try and make a new fresh game to draw people in.
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    A revamp of WoW with a new engine (Project Titan) would be enough of a "new fresh game" to draw tons of people in, and maybe more importantly, many people BACK in.

    I don't think Blizzard is naive or cocky enough to think they can lightning strike twice, hence why (maybe) Titan was scrapped.

    WoW is too strong to give up on, obviously, but needs something REALLY epic to bring it into the 2nd decade.

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    Come on, try to keep up, welcome to 3 days ago:


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    Quote Originally Posted by segoplout View Post
    Come on, try to keep up, welcome to 3 days ago:

    It's not WoW 2.0 or WoW version 2. More like FFXIV and FFXIV:ARR - they don't coexist.

    It's an engine upgrade, not a new game. Come on, try to keep up.

    Titan = new engine for WoW, enables new features etc. but not really a new game.
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    Well it's all about the Benjamis in the end. Right now with "Only" hah! 7.6 million subscribers lets say the average monthly sub cost is 12 bucks. so 7.6 x 12 = 91.2 million a month in revenue from subscriptions alone.

    anyway you slice it that is a TON of money and that comes in monthly. 91.2 million x 12 = over a billion a year in revenue. So I have a hard time believing that they would do anything to compromise that type of income.

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