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    Quote Originally Posted by videotape View Post
    If you require 100% confirmation for everything, you might as well stop believing in gravity too. It's only a model.
    Not remotely comparable. You need to try again.

    Blizz has gone full on corporate, max profits mode over the years

    @[email protected], Oh please. Just stop.

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    Until it's announced it could be anything.

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    In the event that the expansion IS NOT WoD, the forum's name can just be changed.

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    Actually, all this currently does is REALLY organize the forums. They have consolidated a place for all the wild bullshit about WoD to go, instead of clogging and spamming the other forums. Whether or not this is legitimately the expansion makes no never mind.

    It also means that instead of having to search out and find all of these nonsensical threads and closing/deleting them in the case that this is NOT the next expansion, they have all of them under one section and can just mass delete them all.
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    It seems a little arrogant to create an entire forum for something that is unannounced. The name sounds like a trading card set if anything.

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    Well, the owners of this site i assume has intel and details as to what the next xpac will be as they usually launch a fully in detail post the second it's announced at blizzcon. So i'm guessing it's a real trademark obviously now, but no idea what game it's an addition too, could still be hearthstone or it could be wow. In less then 24 hours we will know anything so

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    Quote Originally Posted by videotape View Post
    Denial is such a powerful force, but I still can't understand what mode of thinking would lead anyone to believe at this point that WoD is not the next expansion.

    Some people are so far gone that I'm afraid even an official announcement at Blizzcon wouldn't be enough to shatter their confounding resolve.
    The problem is simply that most people could not figure out why all the false trademark stuff from this summer was fake... and the difference between all those false ones, and these new round of real ones. All they see is ´ok, this is just one more in a long line of trademark rumors´.

    Many of us knew they were faked ones before (hint, the * next to the form fields), and know these new ones are real.

    WoD is the expansion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jesirawr View Post
    I'm a little bit confused about Warlords of Draenor's authenticity. Isn't anyone the least bit suspicious about it? Everyone is throwing all their eggs into the Warlords basket but they aren't thinking. Blizzard is notorious for trying to hide the names of expansions and other future content. Did anyone forget that they straight up denied Mists of Pandaria was the next expansion? Or when Worgens and Goblins were going to be the new race and the masks were leaked, they did their best to hide that too. Now, The Dark Below was trademarked a few months ago and then Corgis Unleashed soon afterwards. Because of Corgis, everyone screams fake but I would take a closer look.
    Typically, Blizzard trademarks games a few months prior to Blizzcon, just as they did with The Dark Below. Now, trademarking a name just a week prior to Blizzcon across different countries on a variety of days? This is all too fishy for me. Of course, tomorrow we will know the truth, but until then, I think the next expansion is The Dark Below. I may be wrong, but my instincts tell me otherwise.
    This is what is wrong with people. The Dark Below and Corgis were both obvious fakes because what we saw was an incomplete form. Someone started filling in the form, took a screenshot, and then cancelled the form. It was never submitted. It is why there were *s all over the place.

    WoD is an actual trademark ( multiple countries) and are completed applications that were filed and payed for by Blizzard

    Of course Blizzard tries to hide stuff, if they released all the information in the last few months, it would make Blizzcon less meaningful. Also, they never denied anything like you said... they just used some misdirection until the moment they wanted to announce it. And as far as I am aware, they never commented on WoD either.

    The MUST do the trademarking and buy the domain name before Blizzcon and the official announcement or else someone could squat on the domain name for months. Even though Blizzard would win in the end, it would mean they wouldn´t have control of the domain name when it is announced at Blizzcon.

    it is the same reason they added ´mobile´ devices to the trademark. They do not want anyone else creating an app and calling it ´WoD´. Blizzard may not want to make anything mobile about it, but they have to protect their IP on all devices.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shudder View Post
    It's confirmed. Boub said, "but let's just say that on a personal level I'm pretty confident about this one". So that means an employee told her it's the name, but she can't prove it unless she outs that friend and causes them to lose their job.
    No, it is because anyone with half a brain can verify the trademarks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fullmetal89 View Post
    Then what would be the point in getting the information in the first place. So he only knows what others want to know? I mean I'm not arguing with you I just think if you are/were a leaker then you should leak information lol. I'm sure they have some special deal with Blizz where they are allowed to reveal the news before other websites.
    the reason he would want information, and yet not release it yet?

    um.. lol

    Wait until tomorrow evening when a ton of pages, graphics, sub-sections to this site, lists etc etc all magically appear. You think, right now, MMO-Champion doesn´t have a crapload of work already done to spring on us the moment it is made official at Blizzcon. Or do you think they are only going to start working on the WoD section of this website next week?

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    Why the f' WoD got own subforum when it's not even confirmed to be next expansion? -.-

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