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    Quote Originally Posted by Vorkreist View Post
    Tigole back to wow! FK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

    Next expac is saved!!!
    It doesn't say that anywhere. It says Furor left after Tigole announced Furor was being moved to another project and now Furor is back...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luneward View Post
    Do you not have a account? I was under the impression from the website and the email I received all you need to do is sign into the site with your account to view content.
    Yeah I understood the same thing. Suppose going to (for EU) and log in I should have access to it all. (?)

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    Tigole is back actually. I asked Zarhym on the forums roughly 6 months ago what happened to Tigole and he told me he was still around and working on WoW. He didn't say in what capacity though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nindoriel View Post
    Why is Boub now suggesting this domain was maybe not registered by Blizzard?
    Boub did not suggest that it was or was not registered by Blizzard.

    The update, simply, is that the domain now points to an IP address owned by Blizzard --or rather, Blizzard webspace.

    As Boub alludes, this is not confirmation of ownership; as you are I -or any Tom, Dick or Harry! -can do the same, that is point our domains to a Blizzard IP address.

    Of course, it looks highly likely that this is a move by Blizzard.

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    "Tigole announced he was moving to another project (Titan), but he is apparently now back as Creative Director for the next expansion!"

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    Titan canceled . We won't see it untill the 2018.

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    well looks like were getting shitty vanilla tbc quests again where you have to go kill 10 boars to complete a quest.

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    Alex Afrasiabi (Furor) is a guarantee for an awesome expansion imo

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    Quote Originally Posted by ProfessorTjc View Post
    Technically he ruined the land... lol
    Story wise yeah, zone wise I think he did an incredible job.

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    Now they need to get rid of Greg Street and bring Jeff Kaplan back.

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    Blizzard don't normally do expansion domains. For example isn't blizzard.

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    Alex Afrasiabi (Furor) - He started out as a Quest Designer, then Lead Quest Designer up until WoTLK, then Lead World Designer in Cataclysm, then he disappeared after Tigole announced he was moving to another project (Titan), but he is apparently now back as Creative Director for the next expansion!
    Learn to read, lol... It's all one sentence not 2 separate points.

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    Hah i be at work when blizzcon starts so i better avoid mmo champ and facebook for the next 30 hours.Gonna watch it stream at night :v

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    Wait Blizzcon is in 5 hours? I thought its somewhere around 20th. Hmm to purchase ticket or not to. I don't even play WoW although if next expa is anything like BC or WotLK I just might return.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vorkreist View Post
    "Tigole announced he was moving to another project (Titan), but he is apparently now back as Creative Director for the next expansion!"
    Reading comprehension is so important...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alenarien View Post
    'Green Humans' is not, nor has it ever been, an interesting or engaging concept. Post-WOTLK Thrall epitomized everything that is wrong with the Orcs.
    Unless your an orc player or been a fan of orcs in warcraft, you don't have a dam clue what its like to see such a unique take on the orcs shat on by the developers.

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    So, it would seem like the "A Team" is back. I wonder how much content we'll be getting with all these extra people on it.

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    I am trying hard to give a damn about Blizzcon but I still can't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sturmbringe View Post
    I am trying hard to give a damn about Blizzcon but I still can't.
    At least you care enough to be here....looking at wow news and reading posts about Blizzcon.

    1/10 troll fail

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainArlong View Post
    Furor is back? That's it, WoW is dead. A man who was only hired along with Tigole because he was an elitist raider in EQ, and had zero game developing experience. Both shaped WoW into the sequel to Everquest that they wanted, where only raiders were rewarded.
    Oh good, I'm not the only one that remembers what a whiny EQ raider/complainer he was. He "worked with" the devs in EQ for a while, but as soon as he didn't get his way, he whined and ragequit EQ... Maybe he had some good ideas, but I wouldn't want to work with the attitude he had...didn't seem to be a team player at all...

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