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    If anyone is interested in some things that Alex actually did in WoW:
    Classic: The Fordring, Darrowshire, Linkin, The Demon Whose Name We Do Not Speak, and "Of Love and Family" quest lines. Basically every epic questline that you remember fondly in classic.
    Wrath: The entire questline that culminated in The Wrathgate. The in-game cinematic where Putricide betrays everyone was his baby; he was really excited in IRC for everyone to get through that quest line and see how it ended.
    Cataclysm: "The Day that Deathwing Came" questline in Badlands, most of the Silverpine Forest re-design, Hillsbrad, The Barrens, etc...

    If you've paid close attention to quests in WoW, you can tell which ones Alex has written because of the dialogue; he's easily the best character/dialogue writer Blizz has had. Personally, I'm very happy if his creative goals get to span the game.

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    WOD is coming baby

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    Just realized, the only reason for those changes is probably because Dave Kosak will work on WOW movie.

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    the page is now, but it's a four oh four message, stay tuned.

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