Thread: Murkalot bugs?

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    Murkalot bugs?

    When I fight murkalot teams, when they use inspiration and the pet swaps in, whatever move i have queued up misses the pet that is swapped in. Now, I understand murkalots can use the team-wide shield before swapping, but the issue I'm having is, they aren't using the shield. For example, when i face murkalot teams I throw my death adder out first and cast blinding poison, so when the murkalot does inspiration (it goes first) I should be blinding the pet that comes in, but it doesn't work. All moves I use do this, and I don't understand why. Is it just a bug with the new pet?

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    I think this may be a recent bug. It didn't happen on the first day of Murkalot, but it did start happening for me when I was grinding out the last 30 wins I needed for the trainer title yesterday. I don't know. Could be incredibly bad luck too?

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