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    Quote Originally Posted by yjmark View Post
    Go home you're drunk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Winter Blossom View Post
    What!? You think all the pink and purple Pally's are what lost all the subs? No way. Not eva.
    Don't be silly. Judgement set is all oranges, reds, golds, and blacks!

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    Lol if people quit the game because they can customize the way they look, I'm speechless.

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    People still trying to find something to blame the sub drop for when they're talking about an almost 10 year old game. Yeah I wonder where the problem actually lies.

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    'ey mon, I be glad not to look like a messed ahp shreenky deenk va'zhon of every o'da Priest out deh.

    Female Sand Gnome costume works (sad couldn't find a pink robe, just the red one, though ).
    "Bananas, like people, sometimes look different when they are naked." Grace Helbig

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    Quote Originally Posted by LairenyX View Post
    ...Because it single handledly made WoW lost 4.6 million subs.... especially the last 100k sub. How do you feel about that blizzard? this is what they said:

    4.6 Million subs: Is that a transmog? are those people using transmog? how fking unauthentic, the whole environment in this game has been made unauthentic because of these god damned transmog. You know what? I'm going to unsub cause these transmog are ruining this game by ruining its authenticity.

    GOOD MOVE ON YOU BLIZZARD, you made a stupid decision, you put transmog in, you lose 4.6 mil sub. LEARN from it. Redeem yourself in Warlord of Draenor.
    First of all: Bad, BAD troll. 0/10

    Second: Posting moronic pseudo-facts as real facts only makes you look and sound stupid. You have as much a chance as proving that claim as true as you have a chance of surviving on the surface of Mars armed with only a pair of sunglasses.

    Third: complaining to Blizzard on a non-official forum. GG.

    And last but not least: Seems like someone doesn't like transmogrification. U mad?
    Quote Originally Posted by Teriz View Post
    You're claiming-- as fact, mind you-- that one of the main concerns Blizzard has when designing NPCs is "how would a class based on this NPC play like?".
    An NPC that could be a potential class. Yes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LairenyX View Post
    ...Because it single handledly made WoW lost 4.6 million subs.... especially the last 100k sub. How do you feel about that blizzard? this is what they said:
    I'm going with nerd rage because of your grammar error because "lost" is the wrong tense. The correct word you are looking for is lose... but because you make troll threads you forget how to speak.
    ...Made it through 9 years of wow...

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    I really like the trans feature, i would love to see dynamic events and little 'bots' running around like in gw2.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dymonic View Post
    Fighting against a warlock is about being under a constant barrage of smaller spells that chip away at your health. During the fight you would constantly be trying to do enough damage to the warlock to kill him before his spells build to critical mass, killing you. Warlocks prefer a very blatant display of their power. Walking around with their minions, or having their spells scorch the very earth they are battling upon

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    Brain cells have died reading OP. I know it's not serious but damn, it hurts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pryre View Post
    Most don't bother with transmog, it is more the fact they became lazy with transmog and last two xpacs had very few notable new pieces
    Don't know about that. I liked all my tier DK sets (even the ugly one of ToT has a certain attraction to it), the first PvP one was also great. So maybe just your class sets were not that good?

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    While people are entitled to their opinions this one isn't leading to anything constructive. Subscription losses are certainly caused by more than one thing.

    In any case this is being closed as an attempt to simply stir things up for no good reason.
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