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    What is it that makes you play the Warlock?

    I'm currently sitting on the edge in leveling up my warlock to 90 and focusing on him for end-game content & raids, the only thing swaying my decision is while i know things get more intense at a higher level, at his current level (32) things are just going incredibly slow and feel bland.

    So i thought i'd come here and ask the question, what is it that you enjoy about playing your Warlock?
    Hopefully the responses will encourage me to play this class further, because i really want to enjoy playing my Warlock, it's just at the moment it's quite tedious.

    Edit: The other thing putting me off playing the Warlock is the fact that i'm pushed into the DPS only role, I've normally played classes which have multiple roles, so going from them to class which can only fulfill the role of a damage dealer is quite a hefty change.
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    For me back in the day it was purely because they oozed of awesomeness, pure evil death metal awesomeness. Now in MoP because they are FotM to be honest.
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    I was drawn to warlock because of how varied the 3 dps specs were on how they offer completely different playstyles but also different strengths depending on the fight. I knew I wanted to play a pure dps, and I researched and found that warlock playstyles seemed interesting and different, it had a high skill cap to master, and offered alot of utility to the raid as well. I firmly believe that if you play pure dps your job is to know all 3 specs and the strengths and weaknesses of each of them. Because the 3 warlock specs are completely different it amplifies what you are able to do depending on the boss and keeps things very fun. Some of the other pure dps classes just dont feel that differen't between the 3 specs and it's usually just a few skills that are changed up. For warlock the play style is completely different, and what makes you successful as aff, demo, and destro are very different.

    Since then I've fallen in love with warlock. For me it's fun having completely different playstyles on each spec and requiring you know which spec and traits work best for a specific raid fight. What you have to keep track of and how you play each of the 3 specs are completely different and it keeps things fresh.

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    I was on dialup (~2004-5), and I wanted a class that didn't punish me for a ping of 400-500ms :P

    But as to now, they are a strong class, with at least one spec that works well for each encounter - and often more than one. I wouldn't play one as an alt though, I hate being a pure dps if I need to pug things.
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    I played a shadow priest from Vanilla to the beginning of Cata, then I quit and my friends convinced me to come back to WoW for MoP. I decided I was sick of playing a hybrid DPS and went to the closest class to an spriest, which would be an affliction warlock. Apparently I won the lottery and chose the FotM class that had a recent revamp, but honestly OPness aside I doubt I'll ever be able to play another DPS class as my main unless they receive a major overhaul.

    Warlocks as they are right now are just way too fun compared to the other classes and believe me I have nearly all of them up in the 80-90s now and they just don't feel as smooth. The warlock resource system for the three specs is really what makes them so enjoyable, being able to bank your embers or whatnot for procs gives you hell of a lot more control over your DPS.

    Not only that, but just the diversity of the three specs. I went into the lock class absolutely convinced that I would love aff and hate demo, but it turned out that demo was just amazing and I completely loved it during ToT. All three specs have their places and have such varying playstyles that it's like playing three different classes, which can be a bit of a challenge since you have to relearn the ins and outs of your class when you've been playing one for too long. To go from being a good warlock to being a great warlock you need to have a lot of skill and knowledge about all three specs since one spec will always be better for a certain fight and I freaking love that since it means raids will rarely ever get stale for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fullmetal89 View Post
    For me back in the day it was purely because they oozed of awesomeness


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    Always play demonic class.
    Doesn't matter which, I like necromancer, warlocks, Demonic master, etc.

    But in WoW there's only one.

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    Because they're FotM. Because they're FotExpac

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    Because of the haters.

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    I switched to Warlock since MoP (played Priest then Paladin Healer during Cata), and I also mained the Warlock late TBC (BT/Hyjal/Sunwell).

    The reason I made the switch is because we weren't going to have any Warlock due to the inter-expansion guild restructure, and we had enough healers. So I guess I picked it for the raid utility more than anything else. Having a prior experience also helped.

    Warlocks provide Healthstones, Battle rez, Gate, Magic Vulnerability debuff (only Rogues and Hunter pets have this besides Warlocks), and a good survivability that even without top DPS they are worth playing. Warlocks ended up being top DPS for the entire MoP so that's why they're so popular. This poll prety much says it all.

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    Rolled my very first character as Forsaken Warlock because my buddy who got me to try the game told me that's he thought I'd like, when I asked him for advice on what to roll. Still my main to this day. I think I may not have stuck with the game if I'd started with any other race. Not sure about class.

    But I stay on my lock because it's the only class/specs I'm remotely decent at. I'm terrible at everything else.
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    I started playing lock when there weren't many on the servers since everyone was whining because they are either not rewarding or too hard to play. Till this day I would love to play demo again every expansion, every raid, every dungeon.

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    The feeling of slowly building up embers to finally release the uber-damage that is Chaos Bolt under the perfect situation can't be beat IMO.

    I feel like I'm actually casting Chaos Bolt and doing actual damage with it.

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    Because it's fun and awesome. I've always had a tendecy to choose casters in games. Add demons to the mix and I'm good to go.

    And the warlock community is awesome.

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    Always very high cool factor. Even back at vanilla where we were support. TBC was paradise, WotLK was very good as well, Cataclysm not that good. And now the class, after the overhaul, is unbelievably complete, fun and strong. It is really by far the most interesting class to play. Each spec is tremendous fun and different from the others.

    What I really regret is the removal of class specific quests which were really tiresome but fun. The best class quests by far. Really cannot stress enough how much I love this class.
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    The whole idea of a dark caster that commands demonic minions, inflicting unspeakable tortures on his/her enemies.

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    3 million chaos bolt crits, love me some mega damage.
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    I love playing pure DPS casters and Mage had become stale. Warlocks have so much more depth and variety. Just the fact that, in their current iterations, Destro+Aff fill nearly (well, not even nearly) every possible PvE DPS niche imaginable, without having to necessarily swap around gear/stat distributions, makes me all hard warm.
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    It is simply the most fun class, to me. And also the one I know the best and have played since the start.

    Then there's the fact that is is a ranged caster, which I like.
    Damage over time spells, which I enjoy.
    Pet, which I oddly enough enjoy as a warlock, but not as a hunter or frost mage.
    Pretty nice utility and survive-ability.
    Awesome lore.

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    demonic power! nothing more to say

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