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    Int procs and mastery.

    Anyone noticed that Int procs are not adding it's Intelect-> Spell power to mastery procs of DoTs?
    Normal SW:P dmg 36K with proc, but the Mastery proc is 18K. Isn't mastery supposed to do the tick twice?
    If so, mastery ticks are not snapshotted? (Non crit)
    I don't know if I've been all the time blind and did not notice that, but I've noticed it today.
    Thanks for response. I couldn't find any info on mastery ticks, If they are snapshoted off the dot they proc from or current stats.
    Thanks in advance for any answer.

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    Mastery procs are calculated with your current stats when they happen, they (sadly) don't take the snapshoted stats from your DoTs.

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    I don't know about that but I have 75% mastery buffed and it does not proc 75% of the time by no means.

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    DoTs snapshot your stats when they are applied and carry those stats throughout their duration
    Mastery DoT ticks are calculated when they happen similar to MB and SW: D

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