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    Mage Questions!

    Hey there, I don't usally post on forums but i had a question. I am main switching to a mage and getting ready for WoD. I am wanting to play fire again like i did in Cata. Is fire pretty dead as far as a dps spec atm? Is it very gear dependant? I am currently 559 ilvl, No cloak or Meta yet. Will have meta next week. If I was to be able to play fire what would I need? I know they nerfed the combust and stuff. Please explain. Ty very much for taking the time to respond!

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    Still looking for some info

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    prob want to post this in the mage forums.

    as for fire - not too sure but i was under the impression that frost was ahead as far as dps.
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    Don't think this really needs much talk, but no Fire is not a dead spec, nor is it far behind Frost. You can pretty much go any Mage spec currently and make it work and fairly high level, sure some fights have their preferances, but the specs are really close to each other. Now they still need specific gear(crit to start with as Fire), but for the most part anything works when you have the gear.

    Also you might want to check Kver's 5.4 advanced guide for Fire.

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    check Vykina's guide on Method forum

    arcane is a bit better for farm, but fire is still a bit better choice for progress (25m ofc). with low gear you should try frost if arcane feels too anoying for you (it feels anoying for most people - thanks to RoP)

    for fire you will need 15k+ crit rating to be playable
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    Pls people, just look things up before u post. At this moment, with this gear, frost is the worst mage spec looking at all SoO bossfights. Looking from frost averages at 401k, fire at 463k and arcane at 515k. For fire u need to have around 30% crit unbuffed to make a dent. You also need 4-set for it obviously cause the bonus in pretty massive dps wise. And that metagem sure helps out alot.

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